Thursday, November 15, 2007

15 November 2007

Not an exciting pic today and no horses, it was VERY cold today, wind chill in the low 30s and it was pretty windy. We will finish building the stables tomorrow for the mares and hopefully I can get hold of a friend of ours who has a horse trailer and he will be able to help us bring them home. We are expecting a low of 26 tonight so I feel a bit bad because there is no real shelter there for them. There are a few buildings which they can stand behind to get out of the wind but that is it.

Larry suggested using the panels from the roundpen that we needed and making the balance of them into a smaller roundpen so we at least had some type of enclosure if we needed it. So we now have a 30.5 foot diameter roundpen LOL. It used to be 60 foot diameter.

I think I am winning the battle in the house and the barn against the rats and mice. Yuk I hate it, I dont like killing things but they were being very destructive and it was becoming a problem.

The picture today is of the seed pods of the milkweed plant. This will be one in my series of this plant and the monarch butterflies, their caterpillars and the milkweed bugs which all survive on this plant. The only shot I need now is one of the crysallis, I have not been able to find one despite checking the plants and surrounds regularly this year. We didnt have so many caterpillars this year because of the lack of rain so maybe I will get that next summer.

That is it for today, hope everyone is keeping warm, ((((Hugs)))))



Strawberry Lane said...

Love the beige tones of the photo. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...


We used to collect burlap sacks full of these seed pods during World War II. Then a man would come around to our country school and pay Miss Brown a certain amount of money. He sold the bags to a company who used the fleece in the seeds for life preservers and also for parachutes. I guess they were able to weave the fluffy stuff into something like silk and whatever it was used in parachutes.

Brings back lots of memories.

Hope the horses get some protection soon as it is getting really cold. But still, they have been out and should have a winter coat by now. The only problem is getting wet and then getting really cold.

Have a nice weekend.

Mike said...


I like the simplicity of this shot which shows the season well.

Hope you can win that battle with the little army of mice that come in this time of year.

Good luck getting the mares in out of the cold. I have decided you don't have any little projects! They all sound like a lot of work.

Take care,


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Rising Rainbow said...

I have been fighting the battle with rodents here too. The weather turned so fast they made a bee line for inside. It makes me crazy.

Hopefully you got your stuff all done so you can bring the mares home. I know you're worrying about the weather getting bad for them.

Hope you're having a good day.

CG said...

That's a very gentle and subtle image. My Basil is a great mouser. Should I post him to you?

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