Sunday, November 18, 2007

18 November 2007

Another of my winter sidelighting pictures. I hope I havent posted this before, but I had it entered in a Challenge on DP Challenge so wasnt able to use it at the time until the voting was over. This is a link to this site, it is fun at times and frustrating as well LOL but sometimes it gets me inspired to shoot something as they give you a subject and you have to shoot something to fit during that week. They dont allow a lot of digital editing either which keeps it interesting . This is Mike's buddy Taxes.

I went and fetched the girls from down the road this evening with a friend of ours, Stan, who owns two of our horses and they all loaded into the trailer like little angels but not before Cat (the B&W) and Piglette (the black) tried to avoid us by heading to the far corner of the pasture when they saw the halters LOL. We got Wiggle and BB loaded and the other two started running circles around the pasture, kicking and bucking and having a great old time LOL. I think they knew they were going home to stables but I enticed them with oats and they let us catch them and load them up.

I still havent got the temporary stalls built but am hoping that Paul, the chap that has been helping out will be over tomorrow afternoon to help me do it, so they are in spare stalls tonight as the other mares are outside still. it is cold but not below freezing so they are coping well out there and I may as well take advantage of it while I can because it wont last long before the temps plummet. Now my problem is to figure out who can be turned out with who during the day without causing a riot and upsetting the heirarchy. Believe it or not, there is one Boss mare in a herd and she has more authority than the stallion. She runs the herd not him. I have a few mares who like to think they are Boss Mare and they just have to get the pecking order sorted out.

Wiggle is so glad to be home, she is already playing with me and being a total brat. Hand raising her has made her a handful LOL. I cant wait to put a saddle on her now that she has picked up her weight, and see how she behaves.

Hopefully I will be able to use this pasture next year again, it has been a godsend not having to worry about the four of them.

Well that is it for today, tomorrow is another one and it has 1000 things to be done. I have a few online orders for business cards, trading cards, a collage made up of 7 pictures I shot and a few prints so the internet orders are starting to work.

(((((Hugs))))) to you all.



Anonymous said...

Very nice post. Interesting too. I went to your challenge page and smiled all the time I was there. I guess that's normal when you see things you like. Horses running, rolling, licking -- you name it -- they brought grins.

CG said...

I love that photo. I'm a member on DPC although I don't take part in the challenges.

Elaine said...

This is wonderful! I haven't entered or voted much lately, but I still check in several times a week.

photogchic said...

Beautiful lighting. Is that really Taxes? So big--time flies.

Mike said...

Beautiful shot Lori. What a handsome young fellow Taxes has become! My goodness he has filled out.

Mike said...

By the way, I just read a nice 4 page article on the Victoria Falls Hotel Trolley in Africa. If you would like me to scan it and send it to you let me know via email offline. Don't know if you have ever been there or if it was even close to where you were.

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