Wednesday, November 14, 2007

14 November 2007

I have missed a few days again so I am going to post a bunch of photos I took yesterday. It has been raining here and we had one and a half inches over the past two days which was very welcome. The first two pictures are again dedicated to Mike who was doing a series on porches which were fabulous. I saw this yesterday, it is one of the houses on our lane and the red bush looked wonderful and I thought it would make a good addition to this normally mundane porch.

This is a photo of Girl Sonny, she is the mother of Taxes, Lori, Cookie and Dudette. She will be 18 years old in January and has given us some of our best foals, not a lot of spots on them other than Lori, but great minded, well put together foals nonetheless.
I snapped this a few evenings ago, it was pretty dark already so it is not a great picture, but it shows the four girls down the road, all nice and muddy from rolling after the rain. They were waiting for me at the gate to get their grain and I have started giving them a bit of alfalfa hay too as the grazing is not that great now. I am hoping to get the temporary winter stalls built tomorrow and then we will be bringing them home. I am not relishing the thought of 17 stables to keep clean, I have got off lightly this summer because I have been able to have most of the horses out 24 7 because of the lack of rain which meant no mud to deal with.
Abraham commented on the last picture I posted on the blue background. That is a bit that you can see, I am not sure what type it is because there are so many LOL. Here in the USA the western style of riding can be really ornate, not in the working type horses but in the western pleasure, trail and halter classes. They have a lot of silver and bling on their clothing, bridles and saddles. The bridle on this horse has only one loop over the one ear if I remember correctly, very unusual I was quite fascinated when I first got over there and saw all the different tack. Just visit a website like and you will see the variety of tack and clothing (I hope that link works, will check it after I publish this).

Taxes is doing really well, he is absolutely huge and still a brat of note!!!! I still havent had him in the great outdoors, he exercises in the bottom half of the barn and bounces around like a ball, jumping on his jolly ball and playing with the three yearlings outside on the other side of the gate. He is a beautiful colt, I adore him, just needs to be gelded so he loses that mouthy stuff which makes it hard to handle him sometimes. He is happy when he is holding the end of the lead rope in his mouth but until he has hold of it he is impossible LOL. I will try to get more pics of him soon. When I build the new stalls I wont have the bottom of the barn for Gee and Taxes to exercise in so I will have to get them used to the new enclosure outside, and pray that they will be sensible and not go crazy and run through something.

Other than that it has been a pretty dull few days. I have had a few more photos to edit and print and spent quite a few hours on doing that, my motivation is still not great but I am in good health and that is the main thing. ((((Hugs))))) to you all.



Anonymous said...

The photos are fantastic. That white fence looks great too. And all of the horses are nice to see.

It was about 65 here yesterday and today will be lucky to hit 40. What a change. Sounds like you are having some of the same.

Good luck on the stalls.

CG said...

Hi Lori, I love the porch pics as well as the horse ones, I love American porches.
Glad to hear Taxes is doing well {{HUGS}}

Mike said...

Ok you got me started again...I went back to do my series on the front porches of Silverton, Colorado. I had take about 10 pictures of various front porches.

I love your shot. The burning bush certainly adds a lot of color to this porch.

Hope you are doing well. I love hearing about Taxes and what he is up to.

Rising Rainbow said...

Yes, I think the bush adds a ton to that porch. Fall can be so beautiful.

The horses look like they are doing great. I know cleaning up after them for winter will be a chore.

I thought that Taxes was going to the neighbor. When is that supposed to happen?

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