Sunday, November 11, 2007

11 November 2007

It has been a strange day today. I fed the horses this morning and then felt really bad, lay down and next thing I knew it was 2pm!!! Dont know what was up but I feel better now.

The picture is one I have been working on today for a lady who has ordered a print. The background again was lousy so Larry put him on a graduated blue background after I had cut him out. I am just waiting for the go ahead to print it as an 8"x10" print. So that was most of my afternoon, because by 4pm I had to start thinking about going down the road and feeding the mares and then the horses at home too.

We woke up to rain this morning, go figure, I get motivated to go and shoot photos of the elk and it rained all day, we have had virtually no rain for months!!!! LOL. I am not going to knock it thought it was pretty cold out too which made it miserable. I think we had over an inch by this evening, at 2pm it was sitting at an inch. Maybe tomorrow the weather will co-operate and I will get elk pictures, not sure when they lose their horns so am a bit anxious to get them while they still have them. I intend to speak to the owners first though to get permission to shoot them this time. I always feel strange peering through people's fences LOL like I am a peeping tom!! If they dont have a problem then I might be able to get baby pics when they have their babies in the spring!!! I am not going to have baby horses to shoot so maybe I can shoot baby elk!!

Well that is it for today. Welcome to all my new visitors, it is great to know you all and I will visit you all from time to time although I havent been that reliable lately LOL. I do appreciate your visits and time to comment. ((((Hugs))))) to you all. Strawberry Lane has a wonderful love of animals and way of writing, you must go and visit her blog, it will make you smile. Her link will be in my comments from yesterday's post.



Anonymous said...

At first I thought that was a halter but then I looked and saw it is a bit. I wonder how many of your visitors know how bits work? Some are a lot more cruel than others as you know.

I really like this horse portrait.

I have been to Strawberry Lane's place and she to mine. Nice work there too.

Oh. We got just over 1.5 inches of cold rain yesterday. Much needed. It was a dark gloomy day. Honestly, we were sitting at the dinner table and I thought it was supper time and said so. My wife laughed as it was about 1:00 p.m. so I guess it was that kind of day here.

Did you ever hear a Queen piping? I posted one today on my brookvilledailyphoto blog.

Rising Rainbow said...

I odn't know when elk lose their horns either but I'll bet it has to do with mating season.

Rising Rainbow said...

I odn't know when elk lose their horns either but I'll bet it has to do with mating season.

Julie Blair said...

Hi Lori! I saw you stopped by my blog! I have been trying to update stuff. Working on redoing my website at Printroom too so pls. take a peek. Also, changed the image at the top of my blog again...thx. for stopping by. The elks are really neat. Hope you get a chance to shoot them tomorrow and pls. share if you do. How is Taxes doing??

Julie Blair said...

Darn, I meant to also say I really like the blue background on this picture. pretty horse. You should be glad to get parents are in Raleigh NC and they are in an extreme drought! They are praying for rain there. Glad all is well there.

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