Thursday, November 8, 2007

8 November 2007

This will be a short one today, the day got away from me again and before I knew it darkness was falling and I still hadnt fed the horses and finished chores.

The picture today is of the 4 yearling fillies the other day when they saw the dog down the other end of the field. Lousy background but I liked their nice alert look LOL.

Beckz, thanks for your visit, I am still struggling with the issue of the horse abuse etc. but I am not as obsessed as I was a week or so ago, very troubling. But you are right I have to do my best to protect the ones I do have and not compromise their future, any more than that I cannot do other than to try to educate people on the subject.

Mike I know what you mean, I may have told you this but as a child my parents bought my bother and I a Brownie camera each and we used to go to the train station in our town which had a bridge across the rails to the other platforms. Those were the days of steam engines and we used to go and visit there and try to get pictures of the trains and their steam. I dont remember if we ever got anything significant or what happened to those photos LOL. My father worked as a fitter and turner and brass finisher on the railways most of his life so trains were very much a part of our life too. Our holidays were always by train (the place we always visited was a 2 and a half day trip by train). It was so exciting and we used to hang out of the windows looking at all sorts of stuff and just watch the world go by, only problem is that on a few occasions we got a small piece of coal in our eyes from the steam engine and once it had to be removed at a hospital.
Brings back so many memories.

Hope you all had a great day, ours was not too bad temp wise and we are expecting a slight warm up for the weekend still (Indian Summer) which will be nice. ((((Hugs)))) to you all.



CG said...

That's a lovely pic of the fillies, they look very intent. The days are so short for all we have to do!

Rising Rainbow said...

The fillies sure do look like they are all related. You can't always pick the background. Some of my best pics of the horses have the manure pile behind them. lol

Strawberry Lane said...

So glad to discover your site. Wonderful photographs.

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