Wednesday, November 7, 2007

7 November 2007

My first picture is dedicated to Mike one of my regular blogging buddies. He has a passion for trains, (if you click on his name in one of my comments you can have a look see at his wonderful pictures, he is also linked in my list to the right - Mike Missouri) and as we live right next to a railway track I have decided I am going to let him be my inspiration and see if I can get some decent train shots. Periodically we have machines like this one and in all sorts of shapes and sizes that come down the track in a long procession. They are for the track maintenance and who knows what each one does but they are all orange and space themselves out enough to allow the booms to raise and lower between them crossing the roads so any cars can get through because there are sometimes 15 or 20 different ones in a row!!! They honk their horns the whole way too because they have to when they are crossing a road which is at the bottom of our property.
I spent part of the day up to my waist head first in a hole (4 and a half foot deep!), trying to replace a water spicket (outside faucet or tap for my english and european friends), the one that we did the other day that didnt work after we had installed it. Thank heavens this one did work and we checked it before we filled the hole up this time!!! We had someone redig the hole which I would never have managed and I did the rest with his hands as backup to pass me things and shine the flashlight. After doing that we had a huge pile of old wood and branches etc. that really needed to be burned, so I had a bonfire. It was much lighter out than the picture shows, I just increased the contrast and made it "pop" more. This one was with a slower shutter speed, 60th 400asa f22 (dont know why I used 400asa, forgot I had it there from some shots earlier inside), so the flames have sort of blurred nicely.
Huggy cat was sitting on one of the stumps that we were going to burn. He is always in the middle of everything and loves people. He has to have a paw in whatever you are doing LOL. I call him Huggy Cat because if you pick him up he will lay up against your chest with his front legs on either side of your neck and snuggling into your neck like he is hugging you.

Well that was my day finished, I didnt get a chance to do anything else, except watch a friend of ours at the AQHA World Show with his 3 year old stallion (live feed on the AQHA website). Unfortunately he didnt fare that well, a beautiful horse but not on top of his form today.

Abraham I look forward to seeing your horse pics. You arent that far from us but I bet you are nearer to a friend of ours who has welsh ponies, I will check on mapquest. Maybe I can find somewhere not far from you where they have lots of baby horses in the spring and you can go visit or even if we have snow. The moth on my other blog I shot with a 100mm 2.8 lens so had to be pretty close to it and it was very difficult because as you found out they move like lightening. I was hoping to get another chance but I never saw one again. You are also right about Taxes' leg looking good, if these leg wounds are not properly treated they can be awful with dreadful ugly scars and flesh bulging out which is called proud flesh. There are a lot of people who dont know how to treat leg wounds on a horse. I had 4 months of training with my other stallion when he cut his leg badly.

CG I am so glad that you are still visiting the stables despite the pain you are experiencing. Horses have an incredible healing effect on people.

That is my ramble for the day, thanks all for your visits (((((Hugs)))))



Mike said...

Well I am honored by your visit and your picture today!

I have not been a good blogging friend lately...have been kind of preoccupied with other things and have been lucky to get pictures posted. This morning I woke up with the idea for todays post and set to work immediatly on it. I have a tendency to return to trains when I need inspiration. I love the romance of the rails. I think I was born about 30 years too late.

I have enjoyed your posts the last few days and especially the shot yesterday. I have also thought a lot about your posting a few days ago about the plight of horses.

We have had our first major freeze. This morning it was down to 23 degrees. I guess winter is on its way. I don't mind until about late January and by that time I have had enough of the cold.

Those machines you see are really works of art. It is amazing how they work and they are such odd looking contraptions. But just think how fast a railroad gets back up and running compared to a highway construction job!

Take care my friend! Stay warm.


Beckz said...

AhI know there where no horse photos today but I have to say that your photos are amazing and your horses are even more so.

I also admire that you will geld your stallions so they can have a better quality of life. It made me said to read your post about the plight of horses. This is something that worries me as well.

The best you can do is take good care of your own and if the chance comes up to help other horses, without compromising the care of your own, then take it.

CG said...

Those train photos are great and I love the fire shot too. You lead such a physically demanding life; I am lost in admiration for all you achieve. Huggy is adorable. My cat Basil loves people too; very sociable fellow :) {{HUGS}}

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad that you got that spicket out of your hair, but then you had time to burn and take pictures as well. You are a busy lady.

Sounds like you really enjoyed trains as a child, That is pretty cool. I didn't take my first train ride until I was an adult but was always fascinated by them. I wanted model trains badly but those were for boys. lol

Hope you have a good day.

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