Tuesday, November 6, 2007

6 November 2007

LOL I just realised that me saying that I made the pictures into my wallpaper, I meant the wallpaper on my desktop on my computer, just to clarify!
Today's picture is of Dee (with the white spots) and Dudette (Taxes' sister) out in the "pasture" a few days ago. Not much of a pasture at the moment but at least they are in the fresh air and not in a smelly stable breathing ammonia fumes which build up from their urine. Even keeping the stables as clean as I can you still get the fumes.
We woke up to 28F this morning and very windy, wind chill 20F. It was pretty cold all day and we are expecting a hard freeze tonight. We even had snow flurries this afternoon. Expecting a warmer weekend so that is something to look forward to.
I have made two new posts on my other blog which I have never really got going. One is a picture update of Taxes' leg and the other is of Hummingbird Clearwinged Moths, which Abraham has also had the good fortune to capture pictures of recently. Bear in mind these guys arent much more than an inch long and move like lightening, their wings are a blur. If you click on my Profile on the right it will give you a link to Lori's Critters.
Well that is my excitement for the day. ((((Hugs))) to you all and keep warm those of you in the northern hemisphere.


oldmanlincoln said...

These are just two nice-looking horses. Wow. I wish someone around here at neat horses. I was working on some "horse pictures" I took this spring at a riding stable that is pretty busy most of the year and the horses are well cared for and fed and all, but they are also not cleaned up as often or groomed much. In spite of the fact that we see people with crurry combs and brushes working on them, I guess they roll around in the mud too much. Anyway, when I finally get them online you will have to take a look at them. I will let you know.


CG said...

They are lovely. Oh those ammonia fumes...they can make your eyes water so bad. Have just got back from the stables; it was FUN :) {{HUGS}}

Rising Rainbow said...

Amonia in the barn is not good. I hate dealing with it. I use PDZ and it helps neutralize the fumes.

I will have to check out the pic of Taxes leg. I'm really not happy with how Echo's healed even though its good considering what it was like at its worst.

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