Monday, November 5, 2007

5 November 2007

Happy 5th November to my British blogging buddies!!! Hope you got pics of lots of fireworks. Today's picture is me trying to think "outside the box". This is Dream's head across the backs and butts of Eb in the foreground and Blaze in the middle. My attempt at being artsy LOL. I find that a good test for my pictures to know if I really like them or not is to make them into my wallpaper and see how long they stay there before I find something to replace it with, so this is going to be my wallpaper for a while.

It is turning VERY cold today, lots of wind and we are expecting snow flurries in the next few days, oh boy it is hard to believe.

Nothing too exciting happened today except that I have mice and rats in the barn that are taking over the feed bins and my poor barn kitties can't keep up. I am having to take drastic measures I am afraid. The farmers are harvesting late this year because it has been so hot and dry for so long and we always end up with more rodents when they start harvesting (being out in the country). The mice come into the house too and unfortunately I have to put a stop to them quickly or they will chew everything they can get their teeth onto. So I think that I have freed the house from rodents now, hopefully, the barn will follow suit soon, I cant feed grain that has had mice pooping in it to my horses and it is very expensive at the moment!!!

See Y'all tomorrow, ((((Hugs))))


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Anonymous said...

We used to put grain in plastic garbage like cans. If rodents get in they can't climb out. Watch where you put your hands in the morning.

I like your wallpaper picture.

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