Sunday, November 4, 2007

4 November 2007

This is Dudette, she is the full sister of Taxes and is a year older than him. I was trying to get some up to date photos of the yearlings for ads and it was hard because I had to follow them round the field or just sit and wait until they put their heads up so I could get side shots of them. Of course they were never standing on level ground and on the few opportunities I got the sun was on the wrong side LOL. Anyway this is one of my favorites from today, even though she is standing oddly on her back legs and it is backlit. She was watching a dog that was running across the field, it had been chasing a groundhog by the railway tracks, then cross at the bottom of the field so they perked up for a few moments (of course I was not in the right place and by the time I was they had put their heads down to graze again!!).

Nothing much happening today, I was lazy and unmotivated as usual. I did clean two stables and top them up with sawdust though!!! I need to get them all squared up and cleaned and bedded because we are expecting snow flurries sometime from Tuesday onwards, can you believe it. Anyway I would like to be able to bring the mares in when it is really colt and miserable at night so I have to get them all ready.

Am working on my calendars for 2008, I know a few of my blogging buddies were asking about them, I will let you know when I have something to show you which I hope will be soon.

The Colts lost their Football game today, but it was a close one and pretty exciting, two very good teams and unfortunately the Patriots came out on top, especially after the colts lead in the second and third quarter and most of the fourth quarter too. Oh well.

Hope you all had a great weekend. ((((Hugs))))



Anonymous said...

Gosh she looks like she is all dolled up and ready to show. I really like the photo and I like all of them as they seem to generate just a little smile in me and I like to feel that way.

I did post some hummingbird photos yesterday at my website linked below.


CG said...

She is a beauty. I'd be interested in a calendar for Sian :)

Rising Rainbow said...

She does look like Taxes, I can see the resemblance.

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