Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1 January 2008

Happy New Year everyone, may it be safe happy and prosperous. Thanks also to all my wonderful blogging friends that I have met this last year, I have enjoyed being able to take a glimpse into your lives and of course all the wonderful photos.

Today's photo is one I may have posted before of the Northern Mocking Bird but I saw one recently on one of the blogs I visit, sitting in a bush with red berries. I thought it would be interesting to show what they look like when they do their flashing thing. They will do this and also dive bomb people or animals if they come too close. They move very quickly, fly up stretching their wings and straight back down to the perch again.

This will be a short post today, it has been very cold and has been snowing all day with strong winds so not a nice day at all. Hope everyone is well, (((Hugs)))



CG said...

All the best for 2008, Lori. Great bird; have not seen one before.

talj said...

Hey Lori! What a great shot, I love the detail and the full...erm...spread? of the birds feathers, excellent!

Thanks for stopping by to see me, it means a lot to me to know you're there :o) Here's hoping that 2008 is good to you, Larry and all those close to you :o) {{{HUGS}}}

oldmanlincoln said...

Very nice shot, Lori. I like to take these kinds of pictures too but they are not easy as you know. A sleepy horse works for me. LOL.

Thanks for all your visits last year. I hope you and your family have a nice 2008.

Mike said...

Great shot. I froze all day yesterday and I was indoors! It sounds like the bitter cold is only going to stick around for a short time anyway. I dislike it when it gets bitterly cold otherwise I am ok with winter.


Simply Marvelous said...

Terrific photo! Love the way you captured the spread of the feathers.

Salty said...

Fantastic capture! It sure beats my "bird in the bush" :) :)

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