Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2nd January 2008

Well DP Challenge had a challenge starting with the theme Ice this week, of course it started the day after the day the ice had melted in the field (this pics I shot of the horses walking on the ice and licking it in the pasture) and of course the challenge finished last night at midnight and we had no more ice until early this morning!!!! Man that is frustrating. Here are a few shots that I got of the ice formations on the sitting room window (double glazed so this is what happens withe the moisture that is trapped in between when it is really cold. We woke to 4F (approx -14C) and maxed out at about 14F (aprox -8C) today and tomorrow is going to be colder.

(Click on pics to enlarge)

It was overcast at sunrise this morning so I didnt get the colors that I got last time I shot this type of shot a few years ago. I will put them in a seperate post. I find these absolutely amazing, isn't nature wonderful!!
No horse pics today, it was just too cold. I had to do the feeding in two or three stages this morning and again this evening because despite the gloves and insulated overalls my fingers were freezing. The horses in the old barn with the new doors are definitely happy with their new doors, it sure has made a difference to the temps inside that barn. It has been snowing steadily (very light but steady) and has been windy all day again today. It is difficult to say how many inches we have had because of the wind making it drift. If the high is a bit higher tomorrow and the wind has dropped I will put the horses out again and they should have fun, they love the snow.
Well that's about it, nothing else exciting to report for the day. Hope you are all well (((((Hugs))))


oldmanlincoln said...

It was near 0 here yesterday and no place for man, woman or beast to be out and about. Yet, that's where the doe goes and looks for shelter and the rabbits and the never ending list of birds. So I never saw a single squirrel yesterday. It is just too hard for them to get through the snow drifts and they have to come by tree tops, power lines, fence tops and then always through the snow. I suppose they will all show up here today and will be hungry as horses. LOL So I got to put out plenty of food for my wild animals.

Stay warm.

talj said...

Well, these are lovely Lori!! Looks like you have the perfect weather for the ice challenge! It's currently snowing here in the UK but we'd be hard pushed to get anymore than 1cm!!

Stay safe and keep warm! Love and {{{HUGS}}} xx

Mike said...

Ice patterns are amazing. Just like snow flakes they are never the same. I saw a show on public tv this weekend about Yellowstone in Winter and part of it followed photographer Tom Murphy as he worked his way on foot around the park. It showed how he camped out in the park and through a snow blizzard. I thought I was cold before. Wow. He came out of his sleeping bag in a t shirt.

I almost think winter is the best time to take pictures especially at the parks.

Well take care and stay warm! Looking forward to that train picture!


CG said...

I love those ice patterns. Phil's car shows the most gorgeous ferns and leaves in icy weather :)

Elaine said...

I really love the top shot. The textures really show up!

Lulu said...

Beautiful Ice pictures! It has been VERY cold here as well. (-12F when I fed horses the other morning)

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