Wednesday, January 16, 2008

16 January 2008

Okay another ice image guys. This was on the bathroom window this morning. It was pretty cold again today but sunny so I managed to get the horses out at least. Didn't get to photograph them though.

Photography and Horses are my two passions and I am happiest when I have my camera in my hand and a horse in front of me, preferably more than one horse and ones that are running and doing what horses do naturally. Fate brought me to the USA and into the lives of my husband and our many American Paint Horses (APHA) (For anyone who would like to know exactly what a Paint Horse is click on the link ... believe me I had never heard of them before I came here nearly 7 years ago, always thought they were called Piebald and Skewbald horses depending on the color) . I suppose the easiest way to describe them is spotted horses, like the ones that Little Joe on Bonanza used to ride (the black and white ones).

A lot of you already know that my horses dominate most of my life, blog, photographs and stories. I have also been known to photograph anything else that may or may not cross my path. As I said yesterday I am going to be adding things to my blog which will be a process which I will take a bit of time to get up and running properly, Abraham, thanks for your pointers and encouragement in this direction and also MiKael who has been invaluable in helping me understand how this all works. Be sure to check both of these blogs out they are both very entertaining and well written and have gorgeous photographs of animals and Arabian Horses.
I have had requests for prints of some of my photographs, postcards, fridge magnets etc. and am busy setting this up too so stay tuned, I will let you know the details once I have it all figured out.

I will end off with that for today and will have more for you tomorrow. Thanks to you all for your visits and comments, it is great to hear from each of you. ((((Hugs))))



Anonymous said...

Well, I like what you are going to do and hope I can help if you need it or want it.

I also like your frosty picture. It is a reminder that Patty and I had frost like this a lot in the first house we owned. It wasn't on the windows but it was on the walls. Wallpapered walls, painted walls, it never seemed to make any difference.

And ice. When Patty heated water to wash diapers in on the stove or in the teakettle, the steam would condense on the walls and freeze and sometimes it would grow a half inch thick. Those were the days.

Anonymous said...

I never cease to be amazed at the beauty that surrounds us. Before I first picked up a camera (about 3 years ago) I would never have thought of stopping to look at the patterns that ice can I love it! They also make great images as you proven today :o)

Looking forward to learning more about you and the horses Lori :o) {{{HUGS}}}

Pat said...

Wow! Absolutely wonderful pattern and design. What a lovely image, Lori!


Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

Strawberry Lane said...

Beautiful photograph!

Wonderful things nature does if we stop to look!

Agree with you, Abraham's photographs and comments are so inspiring. And MiKael is so full of wisdom. She is a joy to read.

You keep writing and clicking that camera and I'll keep checking back.

CG said...

For some reason, Phil's car gets better ice patterns than mine! Not that we get many frosty days :( I'm addicted to hearing about your horses and look forward to hearing more about you!!

Rising Rainbow said...

First off I have to laugh at cg's comment about ice patterns on cars cause yesterday on TV I say a man who does artwork on dirty car windows. It was absolutely amazing. I guess I hadn't though as the ice patterns on them as art, only a burden to deal with on cold winter mornings. LOL

I look forward to your story!

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