Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Making My Print Store Debut

I am finally feeling happy about unveiling my project that I have been working on over the past few days. I have always mulled over in my mind the idea of selling prints, using my photographs of horses, flowers, dogs, cats and generally everything to make those cameras and lenses pay for themselves LOL.

So here is the link to my new Blog Store Front.


Larry has been working frantically to figure out how to set up a shopping cart function for me to make it easy to order whatever you just cant live without, and I have been trying to work out a system that will be easy to follow and allow you all to see what I have available and how it will look in the different sizes.

There will be lots more photos and goodies added over the next few days or weeks, this is going to be an ongoing project for me so it will be added to constantly so keep checking in to see what is new, and we will be ironing out the glitches as we go.

I have so many photos I don't know where to start really and hope to introduce flowers, bugs, other animals and general scenery as I get the chance. You will be able to see which catagories are available by looking at the Labels in the sidebar of the shopping blog.

Any comments or suggestions on how the site is working or what can be done to make it better would be greatly appreciated.

I am looking forward to lots of feedback and hope that this project will develop into something good.

Forgive me for taking so long to moderate the comments on my blog from the last few days, that is something new I have introduced and I have not yet mastered remembering to check the Dashboard to see if anything is waiting!!!! Sorry I will get better LOL (((Hugs)))



Anonymous said...

Lori the store looks excellent! Well done to you all for getting it all up and running! :o) {{{HUGS}}}

Anonymous said...

Stores and store fronts are a fine idea. You have to generate "traffic" and that is not always easy. I looked at your source code on your blog and it is filled-up with code. I have never seen so much. I didn't see any meta tags, or keywords for search engines to find you. That is making traffic even harder for you.

Also, you can do a book. Read my post yesterday and look at lulu.com. I have used them and they work and I think they also do prints, calendars and things like that. You should check it out.

What you have started is, so far, very good, but do you have the traffic to make it work?

CG said...

Can't wait to expolore the new store when I come back from RDA!! Took ages for Netvibes to load today!

Tracey said...

Looks great!

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, you got it up. Good for you.

Mike said...


The storefront looks great! It will be interesting to see how it goes. I agree with Abe that it may take a while to generate traffic. Don't be disappointed if it is slow at first.

I have installed a counter on my blog and I am astonished at the traffic (compared to the number who comment) It is very interesting to see where the traffic comes from. There are a lot of people out there searching for wierd stuff. LOL

Well take care and I have been really enjoying your life story series.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lori, many thanks for your comment about the Heparin. I had read that it is sometimes used to flush IVs...hopefully it's a painless process. I have had Heparin injections before, the longest being for 5 days and that turned the whole of my stomach black and blue, they make the most amazing bruises! 6 weeks is going to be tough and self injecting is not something I am relishing the thought of...are you any good with needles and do you fancy a visitor for 6 weeks? ;o) {{{HUGS}}} and thanks for your comments, they are always very much appreciated x

Humble Origins said...

...Wow! Just hopped over here from PW's site - your photography is amazing! Stunning!

...Great blog! Now to go and check out your other one... :o)

...I'll be back to visit often! Blessings... :o)

Country Girl said...

Hi. I'm visiting from PW's site and just wanted to say that you're doing what I've dreamed of doing, which is offering some of my photos for sale, and doing greeting cards. Loved your pictures on the sale site! Keep up the good work.

Oh, it's interesting to see all your favorite blogs on this site. I'll try to check some out.

Angry said...

Hey Lori... just dropped in from my blog, thanks for your comment.
You are clearly a tellented photographer and I wish you all the best in your new store.

I like what I have read here so will be back to visit regularly.


Anna said...

Hey Lori!
I love your print site! Great idea! I hope that it is good for you! I am glad you came by and caught up on my blog! And BTW, I am absolutely hooked in looking up to get my pics! :) It has become my "thing"...I am never disappointed when I do that!
Take care!

Angry said...

I hate doing this to you so soon Lori, but I really am impressed by your images. And besides, you may see it as an opportunity for a little more exposure.

It's an Images meme... and I really do hope it's not too much too ask of you so soon after meeting you but take a look here http://www.angrybuttons.com/blog.php/125
and, if you don't mind, send me one of yours via my site's email.


Angry said...

Just to clarify, Lori, you don't necessarily need to use your own images, but by all means do so if you like.

Regardless of the images you use, hopefully this will bring a handful of new people to your site and store.

I look forward to the result. If you have any questions, don't hesitate.


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