Friday, January 25, 2008

My Tail Between My legs Again!!!

I know after the big flourish with my new store I went to rock bottom. Had a few bad days.

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback, I am taking into account some of your suggestions and will be making adjustments and additions soon so thanks for your loyal support I really appreciate it and thank you to all my new visitors I really look forward to seeing you all again.

This morning on our little paint horse farm we woke up after the coldest night since last February. I think our low was finally -1F (probably about -17C) and when I went out to feed when it got light at 8am it was 1F (-15c). I nearly died.

It took forever to get the water done for all the horses because any water they hadnt drunk had frozen solid and I had to keep topping up and letting them drink until they had enough by which time I was frozen solid and exhausted. The cold really drains my energy.
The first two pictures are of what I emptied out of the buckets outside each of the barns when I finally warmed up a bit and went out at lunch time again to give them some more hay and put their buckets out in the sunshine upside down so I could remove the ice and fill them at their evening feed with fresh water. These little piles grow by the day if it stays cold for more than a few days at a time so if it does grow I will keep tabs on its progress LOL.
This third one is the tank in the field for which I dont have a heater. Yes that is solid and is about 1 foot deep!!! I just keep adding and letting them drink their fill. When it is totally full and solid I normally resort to smaller containers which I can get the ice out of easily each day.
Mike you are right when you talk about the stat counter and the weird search words that pull your site up. I would put a few of mine in but I would have to blush!!!! Taxes (brat baby) has duly been petted and told to behave in your honor!

Cyndie my Dad and step brother still live in Cape Town, it is a beautiful country but after my experiences there I have no desire to go back!!! Although Cape Town is about an 11 hour drive south of Johannesburg where I lived. I will be checking out your blog soon it sounds like it will bring back memories for me too!! Thanks for coming in.

Julie Blair, good to see you again, I have been thinking of writing a book but when the heck I would find the time I dont know, Abraham gave me a great link to a self publishing site called so maybe if I can find someone to tell me if it sounds sane and to check for grammar, typos and general content I may consider it LOL.

MiKael again thanks for all the moral support and direction, you have no idea how much I appreciate your time and I know how busy you are.

Please check out all the links that I have posted everyone, these are special people and each one has their own unique story and photographs.

See y'all soon.



Rising Rainbow said...

OMG, that is just what our ice buckets here look like. It is just too darn cold and now we'll be getting snow! AWK!!

I'm going to require an email with those searches that are finding their way to your blog. I know some of mine cannot be published either. You have wonder what those people are Oh ya, and hope they're not your neighbors.

Anonymous said...

{{{HUGS}}} to you Lori, I hope you are feeling better today and that you have a nice weekend :o) I don't think I'd cope to well with your extremely cold weather either! I hope it warms up a little for you very soon! :o)

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to look at your book or manuscript a piece of it at a time. Otherwise I might be overwhelmed.

The nice thing about is you get published and it gets around the world if you get the Global ISBN number and that does cost some money.

Your blog is coming along too and that's good news.

I would think that there are heated water buckets or troughs for animals in barns but maybe the danger of electrical fires is greater than carrying fresh water.

CG said...

Try not to be downhearted Lori...I am the same about the wedding photography: i quoted for someone this week and they have not got back to me so I'm feeling all rejected LOL. I LOVE your ice photos! It's been so mild here, hard to imagine ice like that!
I am planning to order some things from your store already :)
When i feel down i'm trying to tell myself to just go with it...sooner or later my mood will improve again.Instead of what i usually do; which is panic that i'll NEVER get out of the pit again.
thinking of you xxx Julie

Grey Horse Matters said...

We had the same problem with ice in our buckets yesterday, I am hoping that this year we may be able to get some heated automatic waterers in the barn so next year we don't have to deal with this. Thank you for leaving a few very nice comments on my blog. I appreciate your input. Hope you have a nice weekend and it warms up soon. Love your photos.

Anonymous said...

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