Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Cold February Day

I was sifting through some old shots again today and found this one. It is one I shot back in April/May last year while we were coming back from the hospital in Fort Wayne in the ambulance when Larry was commuting there. Thought it was a cute little church with the headstones/cemetry on the left side.

We woke up to 3 inches of light fluffy snow this morning and it snowed on and off all day sometimes quite heavy but not a great amount of accumulation. It is still very cold, in lower 20s for highs and will be for a week or so at least. February is usually the coldest month I believe so I suppose we will have to live with it. Tonight expecting freezing rain again, hope it doesnt reach us.

Eb has settled into his new home and has been introduced to the gelding they have who is his half brother and they are getting their pecking order sorted out but no problems thus far. I will go out and take some pics of them as soon as it warms up a bit, I only go outside if I absolutely have to LOL.

Well nothing exciting to report from this side of the world. Hope those in the grip of winter are keeping warm and those of you that are in the southern hemisphere are keeping cool.




Anonymous said...

What a pretty little church! I am so jealous of your snow, though I expect if I was seeing it all the time I'd be fed up with it!! Keep warm and I hope you get to take some photos of EB soon :o) {{{HUGS}}} x

CG said...

That church is lovely. So different from churches over here.
Wrap up well!!

Rising Rainbow said...

It is a cute little church. Reminds me of one here in Wilkeson. It used to be across this rickety old bridge that made my heart thump when we crossed it. I wonder if that church is still there. lol

Anonymous said...

I almost missed the roof or the steeple part. I finally saw it and then the church looked like a church. LOL.

We got about 5 inches of snow and then an all day rain yesterday (Friday) on top of that so things are under ice. I spent most of the day yesterday putting seed and dog food out for the birds. And am still doing it today.

Imagine things like deer trying to find something to eat in this kind of weather.

Mike said...

Beautiful Church! Thanks for your comments...I have been recharging my batteries as I discussed today on my blog. I thought of you as I was writing it.

Hope you are staying warm,


Strawberry Lane said...

What a beautiful, inviting church!
Great photo!

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