Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not a Great Start to The Weekend

I may have posted this photo of Taxes before but it just lifted my spirits a bit as he had yet another accident yesterday and has left a huge wound on his right chest. I have no idea how he did it and he was such an ujnhappy little horse yesterday. The vet opted to leave it open because we are not dealing with flies thank heavens because it is still cold here. I will post pictures on my other blog for the more squeemish. I wanted to at least give you the choice of seeing him looking beautiful or the more gory stuff.

The weather has been up and down, we managed to miss the freezing rain but have about 6 inches of snow on the ground. I put the horses out yesterday when the temps came up into the 20s low 30s and left them out last night. It looks like I will be able to do that for a few days because with the ground staying frozen I can feed them off the ground which is easier than having them fighting over feedpans and it ending up spread over the whole field once they have settled down to who is eating which pile!!! It is also allowing me to try to get some of the stalls stripped, we had someone come over for a few hours yesterday and he got two stalls stripped and rebedded and says he will be back on Monday to do some more.

Other than that, nothing exciting has been happening here at this little paint horse farm other than me struggling more every day.

Thanks everyone for your comments and visits, I am lurking at a lot of the blogs and trying to get some comments in here and there and trying to get my life back onto a more positive note.




Strawberry Lane said...

That's a nasty looking wound. Hope it heals quickly. Nothing more upsetting than seeing our animals injured.

With stalls to clean, feeding and enduring the weather, we don't have to wonder what to do with our time!

Always love dropping by to see what is happening with you and yours!

Anonymous said...


Poor little Taxes. I'm not one for yukky stuff so I havent been to see the wound but I do hope it clears up very soon.

Lori, I think of you often and hope that you see some better days soon.

Love and {{{HUGS}}} x

Anonymous said...

Wire, tree snag, something got to him. It is a shame. I hope all goes well and he heals up fast.

CG said...

Oh dear, that's such bad news. poor Taxes and poor you!
Take care, dear Lori {{HUGS}}wish you weren't so far away...

Mike said...

I looked at the other site he really got into something didn't he? He is such a rascal! I don't think you have ever had such a horse as he is have you?

Hope you get to feeling more perky and I hope Taxes heals fast!


L said...

How frustrating!!! I now know first hand how upsetting horse accidents are, having had a "Crash course" in them lately. :-( I hope he heals well from this one, and doesn't even scrap himself for at least the next 10 years!


This is a beautiful horse! I like how this picture came out. Its dark but you can still see so much detail.

Nice Job!


photogchic said...

Geez Lori....that wound looks nasty. Poor guy:-( Crossing my fingers and hoping that heals well. Amazing what they get themselves into. Little monster.

Mary said...


I hope Texas will be happy again real soon.

BTW your pictures are beautiful!

Mary Haley

Elaine said...

This is a wonderful shot. Hope he heals well. I am taking a couple of design classes at our community college, and have not had much time to comment or post lately. Today was sunny and 60 here so I had to get out and shoot. (Should have something to post for the next few days.) I am SO ready for spring!

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