Sunday, February 17, 2008

I am back - I Hope

I havent been in a very good place the past few weeks and have been struggling to refocus and lift my spirits so here we go LOL.

Here is Brat baby Taxes!!!! He has grown so much and is now considered a yearling. I have very few photos of him from the past few months because it has been so muddy and he doesnt like getting his little hooves in the mud!! The ground was frozen a few days ago and there was a little snow, enough to encourage him outside, be it very briefly.

He wasn't standing well here as his front hooves were in a bit of a dip but a wild rabbit ran past me across the enclosure and stopped at the fence on the other side and he was very interested in it, in fact he tried to go and see it probably wanting to bite it because he bites everything, little brat.

Here is the culprit and source of interest, which made a quick exit through the fence and into the neighbors yard when brat baby started in his direction.

It was a sad and happy day yesterday. Stan and Valerie came to collect Eb to take him to his new home. I was hoping to go with them to see how he settled in but it was late and I had just got back from town and needed to start feeding so waited anxiously to hear from them. He settled in very well, was very interested in the other horses who he will be separated from for a while until he gets used to them, then he will hopefully be joined by the gelding that Stan and Val also got from us. They now have 3 of our babies and do a lot of trail riding in the summer and are happy and well cared for horses, they also have another older gelding, making their herd 4.

So here was my snapshot of Eb getting into the trailer to go to his new home. Not a great pic as I was herding as well as trying to get a shot, this was the second time he had been near a trailer and had never been transported in one. He did very well.

I will keep it short and sweet and hope to start trying to catch up a bit on everyone's blogs, I have missed seeing all the photos and reading all your stories. Have a great Sunday, we are expecting 50sF and lots of rain. It has been a weather roller coaster the past few weeks which hasnt helped my mood.




CG said...

So pleased to see you posting again: i was worried about you. Taxes has grown into a beautiful horse. I am sure you'll miss Eb but sounds like he'll have a happy home!!

Anonymous said...

{{HUGS}} to you dear Lori. I hope, although you are sad to see Eb go, that your spirits have been lifted at the thought that he has gone to a good home :o) Its good to know your still there too :o) I love the little bunny shot, cute! Hope you have a great week x

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad to see that you are back posting. I hope that you can keep with it. I think it does our hearts good to share.

Mike said...

Taxes is sure big, good to see he hasn't lost any spunk! I know it is hard to see one of the horses go but it does make room for another (like Taxes) down the road.

Hope you are doing well, it is good to see you back, but I have not been around much lately either.

Grey Horse Matters said...

glad to see you're back, we missed you, hope that Eb likes his new home.

Anne said...

I think all of us get a little down in winter. I hope the rain and higher temps raised your spirits a little.

Your photos are, of course, lovely. What a good boy Eb is/was to get in the trailer and off on a good start with his new home. I know it must be sad to see him go, but also a good feeling to know so much about where he's going.

Take care of yourself!


Beautiful Horse

Strawberry Lane said...

So glad you are back!

Eb is something special. It must be difficult to see your babes leave home. But it sounds like he is going to a wonderful farm and will have a good life!

Always love your photos!

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