Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Post About The Weather & Snake Picture Warning

The storms south of us in Kentucky and surrounding states have been devastating, a few nights ago there were more than a dozen tornados in the Kentucky area and surrounding states and they have wreaked havoc. Some of these tornados stayed on the ground for 20 or 30 miles. We dont normally start worrying about this kind of weather until about May.

A story that really got me this morning was a police officer who was searching the debris in the surrounding fields and he saw what he thought was a doll as there were lots of pieces of clothing laying around, but suddenly it moved and it was a 9 month old baby, still alive. Sadly the baby's mother died in the tornado.

There are about 52 dead the last time I heard. My prayers go out to all of those people, if anyone knows of credible organisations who are needing help/donations with the cleanups and especially for the animals which the news reports and everyone seem to forget and never seem to report about, please let me know.

We have flooding warnings around all over the place, with our flat land around here we get roads flooding a lot in the country areas and this is one at the bottom of our drive. This water all runs under the road through pipes and through our field and then under the railway track. Bottom left is the top of our drive and the water on the other side of the road in the trees is about 8 feet deep!!!!
If you look at this pic of our field with the lake which is all the water trying to run through those small drainage pipes into our field and you can see how high the road is, the water is just about level with the road all along that stretch!!!! Our driveway and the flooding area is further to the right.
Yesterday I got the opportunity to photograph a few snakes, two Boas (one about 6 foot long and one 2 foot long) and a Ball Python about 2 foot long. This is the python below and the one under that is the larger Boa.
I am hoping for another opportunity to take some more shots, the last week has been so dull so I couldnt use available light and these guys are really mobile so it was hard to get shots of them, they just wanted to slither all over the place. I just used the pop up flash on my camera so the lighting wasnt great. Next time I will plan it better with my Metz flash.

Well that is it for today, hope you are all safe and warm (((Hugs))


Anil P said...

Are the snakes out in the open because of the tornado?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well that looks like a real mess to deal with. Stop by Grey Horse Matters and pick up your award! Maybe it will cheer you up.

CG said...

Those tornados sounded truly terrible. I'm so sad to hear of the loss of life.
Your snake photos are amazing.

Mike said...

Wow, your flooding is impressive. Just think how dry you were a few months ago! I love the snake pictures. I always like the way your shots turn out.

oldmanlincoln said...

The problems with blogging are that there are either never enough words or not enough pictures or the text there is not read. I don't think your snake photos were taken out in the open because of the tornado, but who am I to guess. Stranger things happen. Bush in the White House is odd, really odd. I hope you are beginning to dry out some. It will be super cold Sunday morning.

photogchic said...

Yikes Lori--didn't even know Boas were wild in the US....beautiful, but frightening---not a big fan of reptiles.

Anne said...

I'm glad you were spared the tornadoes and hope you dried out quickly.

Your photos are always so beautiful. You should offer tips for us point-and-shooters!

As for the snakes, it's hard for me to see beauty there but I'm trying.

Strawberry Lane said...

What a horrible experience and dreadful experience.


Nice photo collection! I love animal photography;-) Keep up the good work!


oldmanlincoln said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and to your family.

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