Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Playing Catch-up

Thanks all for your comments on my travels ... I will be doing more ... just having a bit of a tough time at the moment and finding it hard to focus and get my enthusiasm going.

The pictures today I took on Sunday. We were supposedly going to have a sunny afternoon and it has been misty, miserable, wet and murky for more days than I care to remember at the moment. This is a shot of our Court House (I changed the sky because the actual sky was grey). I will have to go back and do it again when the light is better but I was quite pleased with the outcome. I took pics of all the memorials which are on all four corners of the block.
I have also been wanting to take pictures of the elk since seeing them a few weeks ago, especially the white ones and again despite the dull misty weather came up with a few pics but will be going back for sure when it brightens up.
These two guys were behind a rise so this was all I could get of them but they looked great, they were chewing on the tree.

That is about it again. We had a long day, had to go through to Fort Wayne for a doctor's appointment for Larry, so that was pretty much the whole day out the window. It is rediculously warm in the upper 50s and tomorrow expecting 30s and below again so everything is a muddy mushy mess and I am stressing. It has been raining on and off all day and all last night, just so depressing.

Hope everyone is well. ((((Hugs)))) thanks for your visits, I hope to be back in the swing soon and will tell you more of my adventures.



CG said...

Nice to see you posting, Lori, that's a VERY imposing building! I love to see the elk too. Sorry you're having a tough time: i'm thinking of you lots {{{HUGS}}

Anonymous said...

Nice sky behind the court house. I don't mind doing that in Photoshop but it takes me too long. LOL.

I bought a new book about Photoshop and it should come today. My son says there are a million shortcuts to learn and I hope this new book has a few. If he wasn't in Florida I would be picking his brains all the time.

You got elk?

Grey Horse Matters said...

The weather is crazy here too. Love the pictures of the elk, I have never seen a white elk, and the big guys, great shot.

Anna said...

Those Elk are so strong and intimidating! I love the shots!

Strawberry Lane said...

Lori, Absolutely love the photo of the elk. What a thrill that would be to take such a picture.

Rain and mud certainly are depressing!

I'm sick of it and I live in California! We live at the bottom of a hill and get all the water. I'd move to the top of the hill, but as you probably know, our houses often slide to the bottom. So, I guess I'll just keep mucking around in the mud until the sun returns.

Well, that's my cheery little note for today.

Mike said...

I love that courthouse picture! And those elk are sure majestic. Hope you are doing well, I have been rather preoccupied lately and hope to get back into things.

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