Friday, May 9, 2008

I am trying promise

I have tried a few times today to upload and post here for today and keep getting all sorts of weird things happening when I try to put in pictures, so I will just put this note in for tonight, and hopefully I will be able to post normally tomorrow.

I have to tell you the tale of the one two year old filly somehow getting over the fence along the railway track and her climbing the bank and running up and down the tracks with me having no way to get her back without help and cutting the fence!!! It all ended well but scared the heck out of me.

((((Hugs))))) have a great weekend all and hopefully I will be able to post normally tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like the horse is trying to tell you something. It needs some attention I guess. LOL

Saw your post at Salty's place.

Simply Marvelous said...

Lori ...
I'm sure staying tuned for that story!

Mike said...

My, my these horses are an never ending source of stories! I can't wait to hear this one!

CG said...

Hope to hear more when Blogger allows :)

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