Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Quickie

I spent a few hours at my new friend Lisa's place today with my Metz flash and a 2x converter which I had forgotten I had!!!! I put it on the 70-200 2.8 lens and the autofocus worked which I was really pleased about. I was trying to photograph the squirreols (they are nearly all black and in the shade on the wood very hard to photograph well. The camera converter and flash weighed a tonne so I would definitely need a monopod or tripod because I cant see myself lugging that thing around all day. I use the Metz 60 CT-4 but withut the auto adaptor so use it purely in manual mode.

I came to the conclusion that this is not going to be the combination for shooting small moving objects in shade but I got a few shots that were a bit closer with the same set up and different backgrounds that I was well pleased with quality wise. I did get one or two decent squirrel shots too.

The kitty is her cat sitting complaining at us through the window, wondering what the heck we were doing crawling around on the grass with those objects in our hands.

Lisa was worried that her humming birds were not coming over to her feeders anymore, but while we were sitting watching the birds around the feeder she has one little hummer came scurrying up a few times and I managed to pull off one shot. Not the greatest but I like it and it was pretty much full frame, I didnt have to crop a lot off of it to have it fill the frame.

Well that is about it for today it is very late, they are building the fence along the railroad at last which is a relief.

Gecko in answer to your question I only do editing on backgrounds, these were very quick ones. I do cut out a horse and put it on a new background but these were pretty much as shot. I will NEVER change anything to do with the look or performance of the horse so it is my job to know which lense to use, which angle to use and where the feet need to be placed. The owners worked all day prepping these horses for this shoot which took about 3 hours. They took about 7 hours preparing them, clipping manes, bathing etc. so it is a combined effort.

Hope everyone has started their week off well (((((Hugs))))))



Gecko said...

7 hours...WOW! You look at the photos and underestimate the work done to the horses beforehand. I guess that's a art of the photographer, making it seem like they always look like that HAHA! One question I always have when I see photos of horses (I know this is a different post, sorry) is how do you get them trotting? Do you spook them or are they just in a silly mood and you capture the moment?

raccoonlover1963 said...

Okay Lori, I finally did it.

CG said...

Great photos as usual Lori.

Strawberry Lane said...

Great photos, especially like the humming bird. I just love telephoto lens!!

Bravo! Keep clicking!

Anonymous said...

I went over to see Lisa's new blog and left a comment there and then I came here cause you left a comment there too and here I see you were over there with your camera taking pictures. You are a busy gal on the go.

I think Lisa will make it and I told her I would return to encourage her from time to time.

I like your work as usual and think it is very nice. I like the horses too.

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