Monday, June 16, 2008

Off To A Farm Shoot

One of my regular clients has stacks of horses like we do and is trying to get some sold so decided that she needed to get me over to her place to get pictures of 10 (I think it was 10 I lost count) horses, from yearlings to older mares and their stud. These two pics were of one of their two year old geldings who is for sale.
I just finished as a huge storm started blowing up and drove home with it on my tail all the way home. I had been here 15 minutes when it hit us. We got half an inch but there was a lot of severe wind again.
Today was just a day where nothing worked out the way it was supposed to be and now here I sit and it is going on 11pm and I need to go to bed.
Hope you all had a good weekend ((((Hugs)))))


Anonymous said...

Sorry Lori, If it wasn't for me, you would have finished way earlier than what you did. I just figured if I was up late, why be alone! lol I'm such a pain!


photogchic said...

Beautiful horse...maybe you could post all their photos here and find some buyers.

Gecko said...

I don't know how you can get them looking so professional. If I were there with the same camera at the same time I doubt it'd turn out anything like that! Do you do much editing?

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