Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Behind Again

Today's pictures are two of the very few I have shot recently, the Dove was outside the bathroom window and I only got this one shot off, late evening, and the kitten was in the bushes with its momma a little distance away while I was getting some scrap dumped at the junk yard yesterday.

Once again I have got seriously behind on my blog and regret my lack of motivation every day after the day is over and there is nothing I can do about it!!! Part of the process I suppose.

We managed to dodge the storm from my last post, the tornados came pretty close but because it was cooler and later in the night by the time the storm got to us we didnt get hit hard and had just under an inch of rain which was fabulous for my new pasture that I had just tilled and planted.

We had another round of storms yesterday, also very severe with tornados etc, Indianapolis has been hit hard in these last two, and lots of wind but only 8 tenths of an inch when I got up this morning, so once again we were spared the ferocity but had enough to benefit my pasture again.

I have hardly picked my camera up in weeks, we have gone to temps in the 80s and up to 90 again in a few short weeks, spring and fall dont last long here LOL. Either too hot or too cold.

Hay seems to be better this year, my guy hasnt done his first cutting of alfalfa yet, if it remains clear he will probably do that next week. I am waiting to hear what he is going to charge this year because his number of bales should be up over the crop last year which was less than half his normal crop, but then diesel has climbed to over $5.40 a gallon so it may keep the hay prices up there.

I have had a squirrel tormenting me, giving me perfect photo opportunities within range of my lens whenever I dont have my camera and being absent when I do!!!!! Strawberry Lane I was driving down the road the other day and there were two Canadian Geese waddling along next to a pond with their two little goslings. I thought of you immediately, and yes, again I didnt have my camera!!!! I will try to capture a picture of them if I see them again as they tend to hang around this area and probably will be there as long as their youngsters can't fly. I just dont want to upset them by intruding into their space.

Nothing much else happening around here, getting chores around the property done slowly but surely which makes Larry happy because he likes things neat and I let it turn into a forest outside. I would rather have my horses eating the lawn than cut it down LOL but then they would rip the soil all up and there would be hoof prints everywhere.

Hope everyone is safe and happy I always think of you all whenever I watch the weather and see that it is bad in your areas. ((((Hugs)))))



CG said...

Always good to hear from you Lori!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see some pictures from you and to read your posts again.

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