Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hot as Hades

Wow this is typical for this part of USA, the transition from the heat to cold is very quick and there is very little pleasant weather in between. We are already experiencing temps of 90 when a few weeks ago we were freezing LOL. I Got My Squirrel today on my way back from town!!!!! He was a bit far away so I had to crop the frame quite a bit but I will persist and get the shot I want. I also saw this heron and these ducks on the way back and again they were a bit far off so are cropped quite drastically but I enjoyed seeing them, and I forced myself to stop and photograph them, where I would normally just drive by and then regret not taking the photo later. There wont be much use for them except on the web but I like them to add to my collection.

Went and fetched some more hay, my supplier will deliver the trailer tomorrow hopefully but they are so busy sith their crops right now and it isnt really a hassle for me to just go a few miles to pick up a few bales at a time, only problem is that as I got back from Muncie in my truck this afternoon my brakes decided to give up, fortunately very near home and I managed to get back home safely in 1st gear and just hope it would coast to a stop where I normally park without running into something LOL.

Well that's it for today, Oh yes Abraham I found a picture I took a few years ago that I think is a holly hock, very pretty flowers thought I would post it for you.



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Anonymous said...

My Holly Hocks are all pastel colors now. I think they go through stages of color (the seeds) until they get back to the original color before some hybridizer got to them. Your's are quite beautiful in that bright red pink color. I had none this color last year.

Don't forget about your "emergency" brake. You can often stop with that when everything else fails.

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