Friday, June 6, 2008

Another Hot day

This darned squirrel has been avoiding me and I am determined to get a decent picture of it that I can use for something so I try to carry my camera everywhere now. I was hoping to see some black squirrels around town, there are normally stacks in the gardens but today I only fleetingly saw 2 so no joy.

I did the shopping and after putting the groceries in the van looked across the street at some of the old buildings that are still standing in the square around our courthouse. Some of these buildings are being torn down now so I decided that I better get some pictures of what is left while I can. Unfortunately I didnt have my wide angle lens so managed a tight crop on an interesting fire escape on one and another building down the road which used to be the jailhouse, and was built in 1879 which I had to crop the back off of because there were cars parked there.

I will definitely be going back with my wide angle at a better time of day so I can get better shots of these old treasures.

We had an intense storm late this evening, I was worried about tornados, the clouds were like an encroaching wall of pitch black and the wind was gusting so hard that it blew our old refrigerator which is standing on the deck outside (and is not on wheels I might add) about 6 feet along the deck!!!! It didnt last long but it watered my new pasture nicely, we are seeing more of the oats coming through now, just waiting on the grass seed which is much finer and will take longer to see.

It was gone as fast as it came but I got drenched in the process and had flying missiles all over the show, barrel lids and anything small enough to get blown by the wind went skating off down the driveway and I had to go back and retrieve them LOL.

Well that's about it for the day. We reached 90 degrees F again, this weather is weird! ((((Hugs)))) and have a nice weekend everyone. CG (Julie) thanks for your continued visits, you are always on my mind.



Anonymous said...

We have had threatening skies all morning or since I got up at 4. No rain yet.

Nice photos. The last one looks like it was just restored.

Anonymous said...

I thought sure I left a comment here today or this morning. I don't see it. I was amazed at the bottom picture and how it looked freshly cleaned or painted or....

I saw you over at the Arabian horses...

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Abe, sorry I dont always get on to check all my messages first thing and have to authorise them to avoid these darned spammers. So thanks Two in one Day!!! Woohoo

Yes the building was recently renovated. You can still see the bars on the windows at ground level. They have been cleaning up our town square where the courthouse is siuated and the buildings around it.

Anonymous said...

Lori, did you know that the old jailhouse once held John Dillinger? This area was one of his hangouts.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Lisa, we will get your blogging account set up I promise.

Actually I didnt know that but Larry had told me a story about his grandfather fishing at a creek about a mile behind our property here which is about 2 miles from that building, set back off the road on the creek there was a house and John Dillinger actually came out to talk to them on the one occasion when he was there.

Here is a link to his biography, there is no mention of Hartford City or Blackford County but it all happened around Indianapolis ad surrrounds so it wouldnt surprise me. Quite a character.

Rising Rainbow said...

It's been cooler than normal here. I'm freezing my b*tt off. Wouldn't it be nice if the temps would just even out. Cooler for you and warmer for me.

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