Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Humidity is setting in

Look at those teeth LOL!!!!!! This was Dee, one of the two year old fillies stretching under the electric wire without shocking herself to get the little bits of green grass that were sticking up. Quite a set of chompers there LOL and a very dirty nose!

I caught this little guy outside the kitchen window again a few days ago, I liked the way he was lit by the setting sun from the back and I used fill flash to brighten up the shadows and it worked nicely.

It has been very humid today, not quite as hot, but overcast all day. We had a bit of rain on and off. Last night's storm only yielded 1/10th of an inch of rain so we were on the edge again, thank heavens because if it had been worse my old refridgerator would have been sitting in my driveway not just 6 feet further down the deck from where it had been before the storm LOL. You can't describe the intensity of these storms to people who have not exerienced them. They are there one minute and gone the next and sometimes just the straight line winds, not even tornados leave chaos in their wake in a matter of minutes. It is pretty scary.

The trees will blow so that they are nearly horizontal to the ground, big trees. Nature is a powerful and beautiful thing and I have the greatest respect for it.

Abe I think this little dove is a Mourning Dove? It doesnt have the ring around its neck so I am assuming that it what it is. I am just too lazy to look it up LOL.

I got the urge to go out and groom saddle, lunge and ride Cayenne in the bottom of the barn today. I havent ridden or had the inclination to for 6 or 8 months so when I got the urge I acted on it right away. I didnt ride for long because I still have part of the bottom of the barn taken up with stalls so it was hard to do more than a small circle. We did a bit of flexion, (neck bending) bringing her nose to touch my foot each way and then did a bit of walking and trotting in each direction.

I want to start trail riding and she will be my first project because she has had the most riding time (3 weeks!!!) of all of them and I need to get her sold. So if my burst of enthusiasm continues and I ride her every day this week, maybe I can take her out on the trails for a ride next weekend.

She is such a willing enthusiastic filly and I would love to see her go to a loving home where she will get loved back. She will come and try to put her head into the halter for you when you come near her with one, just gets so excited and intense and eager to please.

I wish I could get a picture of Taxes for you with someone standing next to him because you are all not going to believe how big he is, but I dont have anyone to hold him and he is naughty LOL.
That's it for today, I have to say it was nice to be sitting up on a horse's back again even if it was short and sweet - I am out there alone so if anything should happen it would not be good - so I usually make sure there is someone around when I ride.
Hope you are all having a great weekend and the people west and south of us, stay safe with all this dreadful weather heavy rains and tornados. ((((Hugs)))))


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm glad to hear you actually got to ride, the filly sounds like a great horse. I think the weather in the whole country has gone crazy. We are doing 95 here today in the east and it was 58 yesterday. I would have liked just a little in between temperature to get used to it. Have fun riding.

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad to hear that you found your way into a saddle again. It must have felt good to get that accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Mourning Doves don't have the ring around the neck. Ringneck Doves have it.

I like the horse's teeth picture. You need to put some of that green grass inside your fence. LOL.

CG said...

She sounds a lovely filly. Wish I could buy her...

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