Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Better Day

We got hit quite hard with a storm yesterday evening at about 4.30pm, just over half an inch, then at 3am this morning we got slammed with another one which yielded just over an inch and 60mph winds or something rediculous!!! I have a horrible suspiscion my little grass seeds were not established enough to hold them in place during that deluge and had been washsed away but the oats is still there LOL.

No horses to photograph today, they are all muddy and looking terrible but I noticed this bush growing out the back of the cabin with this fruit on it. I am sure it is a mulberry bush, time will tell if they turn darker, a sort of purplish color. It is definitely a tree and not like the black or blue berries and raspberries that grow on vines.

We hae been lucky because most of the state has been declared a disaster area and there are thousands of people with their homes still under water. We can only hope that the rain will calm itself down so that everyone can get their lives back together in some sort of way.

So nothing exciting I am afraid but I thought they were quite colorful. I have some peacock feathers which a friend gave me that I have been dying to photograph forever but havent had the time to set it up the way I want to so hopefully I will get to that tomorrow.

That is it for today. I am having my ups and downs but hanging in here. Hope you all had a great day, thanks for visiting. (((((Hugs)))))



Rising Rainbow said...

It's been raining here too and snowing in the mountains. A climber actually died on Mt Rainier caught in a blizzard in June. (that's maybe twenty miles from my house!)

I've never seen a mulberry bush or a mulberry for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they look like Mulberries to me and will turn almost black by the time they are ripe. Birds love them and their droppings have the tell-tale color and seeds. I used to live on them when I was a kid during the war years. Mom could tell because my fingers would be purple.

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