Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Old Barns and buildings

I went over to a friend to photograph an item that he is going to try to sell and needs pics for his website etc. He is actually our veterinarian and Larry has known him all his life. They stay in a house i the country surrounded by corn and bean fields and which still has some old and new barns on it.

This one is the oldest one attached to the side of a newer shelter and as you can see it had quite a lot of old straw bales which had been in the loft for many years. During this last winter, the roof just collapsed and this is what is left. I have some other angles too. There are people in town here that are dismantling these old barns, they werent built with nails and screws they were built when the pillars and frame were cut for them to slot into each other. A lot of the wood is oak so is still good and they are building, small portable buildings out of the remnants and selling them, as site offices etc., easily moved. I hate to see the old barns go but am glad that someone is at least giving them a new life. I will try to get a picture of the stockpile they have and the buildings they are producing from this very old lumber.
This is also another bit of past that is leaving us. This is quite near our house and the railway track is no longer used so they are pulling the railway ties and rails up at the moment. This is the one viaduct going under the rails but it is really starting to fall to pieces. They have been using these old track sites to convert into trails for cyclists, runners and walkers all over Indiana and I think they are planning on making this old route into one of them too. I just hope they make a horse trail next to it so that us riders can enjoy it as well. The cyclists and walkers dont want to have to deal with horse poop on their pavement LOL. Guess we will have to get like the dog owners and have a pooper scooper with us so we can pick up after them!!

Well that is all I really got done today. No horses again I am afraid but I am getting to see a bit of my surrounds as well and capturing it before it dissappears. The old railway station is still there in town but they have already pulled up the tracks so I missed that opportunity, but I am going to try to photograph that one of these evenings.

No rain today and not as hot, still in 80s but a lot more pleasant. Yesterdays berries are indeed mulberries, it brings back memories of my making mulberry jam (or jelly as it is called in the US). Maybe I can get enough to do some too before the birds get them all. We have another tree down in the feld. Also have lots of blackberries growing around here.

See y'all tomorrow ((((((Hugs))))))


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Anonymous said...

Your rails to trails story is somewhat like our tale. We ended up with a paved 13 mile bike trail where the train line used to run. It is almost all in the county beside corn or soybean fields and in the summer time it can be sweltering (that's hot like a steam bath). Bang. I just heard thunder. It is Friday afternoon here at almost 2:30PM.

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