Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nothing Comes Easy

I am still getting my hummingbird visitors, a variety of species and they are getting braver, but I have a whole new respect for the people who photograph them perfectly because believe me it is hard. Here are two from today. I was usig a very fast shutter speed and it still wasnt fast enough.

I have decided that my flash skills arent good enough to work this one out so I have to make sure the bird is in good light, definitely sunshine LOL, and this is a small portion of the frame. Using my 100mm macro lens I still was standing only 5 feet away from the feeder, stock still and waiting. They eventually come, you can hear their wings and as they are getting braver and not so scared of me I think I will get better shots.

I just have to find somewhere to hang a shepherd's hook so that I can put the feeder in a better place and one which will be easier to set my camera up close without disturbing the bird.

I had a long day, the last three have been actually. I have been riding Wiggle, Cayenne, little brat bucked me off LOL nothing bad but I hate roundpens, I asked her to canter/lope and she wasnt happy so I found my right leg being crushed between her and the bars so I just grabbed the top rail and let her carry on while I slid off her LOL. I used a lot of the panels for stabling last winter and havent rebuilt the roundpen so it is really small which doesnt help. My fault, I should never have tried to ask for a lope the first time riding her after months off.

So I now sport a black and blue and purple and yellow knee and shin LOL. I will take a picture for the record promise. I did get back on her and rode her a bit longer before putting her up.

Taxes is coming on nicely, poor boy he is a bit swollen in the nether regions but I got him out to exercise and it definitely helped get the swelling down. I wont post a pic of him with his swelling I dont want to offend anyone and it looks painful which I am sure it is. He is still trying to nip everything and everyone but he has definitely calmed down, when I led him out to the roundpen for his exercise he was very well behaved which is a first!!!!

See y'all tomorrow. (((((Hugs)))))



raccoonlover1963 said...

Girl, it's a wonder you're still in one piece the way those naughty horses beat you up. Shame on them! Love the hummers. I changed my nectar, but still nothing. My flowers should be blooming in the next couple of days, so hopefully that will help.


Gecko said...

You're still doing amazingly well with these bird photos, I can't imagine what shutter speed you'd need to completely freeze one of those hummingbirds!!
I'd love a roundyard of my own, I hate when my mare starts leaning on the line when I lunge her in the open.

Rising Rainbow said...

I think these are great. They are so sharp. Do they actually capture them with their wings "freeze framed"?

Abraham Lincoln said...

Getting a dead stop picture of a hummingbird may look good but it just isn't reality. I like some motion in the pics.

Anyway, you are so lucky. We had a lot of them last year but this year, so far we have only seen two once each time and we have fresh food out for them but none have come back. This happened last year too but we had parents and then their babies. I am hoping there will be even smaller babies coming around for nectar later this year.

It has also been wetter this spring and summer than it was here last year and I don't think there were many blooming plants offering much in the way of food as it had been very dry. And cooler.

Sorry about your spill. You need to make mental notes. LOL

I feel much better on this regime of steroids that ends in ten days. Then I got back for more evaluations and a new drug.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The hummingbird pics are very good. We had one in the garage the other day, I was surprised to see him in there but he left quickly.
Sorry to hear about your spill hope it doesn't hurt too bad. Poor Taxes sound a wee bit uncomfortable too.Hope everyone mends quickly.

photogchic said...

Lovely photos of the hummingbirds. They are so fragile looking when you watch them. Hope that leg heals up nicely.

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