Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday 13 July 2008

This was one of the shots taken on my trail ride a week ago, there were lots of trees that had blown over with all the storms we have been having.

This is a viaduct in town where the road goes under the old railway track. The old train station is just to the left of this bridge and you can see how old it is and how it is all falling to pieces. They have discontinued using this track (different one from the one that passes our house unfortunately!!) and have been pulling up the ties and rails for the past few weeks. Some of these old lines have been converted into cycling trails, laying a concrete path for people to use either to take a walk or ride their bicycles on, no motorised vehicles.

I missed a day again but that is just how it goes here, always a million things to think about. I didnt ride Cayenne yesterday but I have been for the two days before that and today. She is the next filly that I am going to want to sell and she is awesome.

We have had a lot of rain storms on and off the past few weeks which has been nice for the pasture but it makes it a bit muddy and as it clay it is very slippery in the roundpen, so today I saddled her and with Larry in tow (He has been on my butt every day to get this done or I wouldnt do it as much as I love it) in his wheelchair we walked down the drive and then along the road a ways. She was a bit freaked out about out neighbors property, he has a lot of piles and things strewn in his garden and all sorts of scary things that are gonna jump out and eat her. Instead of battling with her in the middle of the road, I disounted and led her past it all, letting her inspect everything and tapping on the cars and stuff so she could lose her fear.

A little further up the road there is a pasture that the owner has said he doesnt mind if we use to ride as long as we dont tear it up when it is wet. I tried to keep to the boundaries and Cy was a bit hesitatant from time to time but we walked around the whole field and then trotted up the lane in the field and she was a star.

She knew when she was headed for home and when I tried to turn her back again she started going into reverse. Larry reminded me to do the one rein stops and get her moving forward and that worked nicely, we did that just a bit and because we wanted to end on a good note we then rode home. She wasnt nearly as scared of the neighbors yard this time so I stayed mounted and she was calling to her buddies, I have to say that feels so weird when they whinney and you are on their backs, their whole body vibrates LOL. I turned her back to go away from home a few times in the lane just to get her used to listening to me and made her move forward and then when we got back to the barn we decided to see if she will load in the two horse trailer that Gee's owner has parked here. I am hoping to take her trail riding next weekend and I think she might do well.

These trailers must be quite scary for a horse, very closed in. With the help of a few ropes across the butt and Larry's nephew Kevin and his sister in law we managed to get her in without a huge fight, and fairly quietly. I hate making their first experience traumatic because it just makes your job harder. I gave her some hay and grain while she was in there and then after about 10 minutes I backed her out and took her to the turnout. This filly is another that just wants to be doing something and to please you.

By that time it was 1pm and I had to get lunch together for us all, we had Pizza. I was pretty tired after all that physical exertion so I lay down a bit and dozed for about an hour. Then I got up and put the three fillies up and let Taxes out in the lot behind the barn to get some exercise, he hasnt had a good exercise session for weeks. He has calmed down a lot but is still and I am sure always will be a handful LOL.

My hummingbirds are still out there and yesterday I saw one with the ruby throat again but they are smaller so they must be babies born this year. I am going to set up a morning again when there is decent sunlight there to try to get some more shots of them. I still dont have a shot that I really like and will carry on trying until I do.

Thats about it for the day. Hope you all had a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

An interesting post to read. I can say we had an excellent day here today. Just right temps and everything else. It was just the opposite on Saturday.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Gecko said...

LOL, I'm glad I'm not the only person who finds it weird when they whinny and you're on them!!
I bought a silk surcingle for my gelding, Bundy last year and when he enhales deelpy the elastic stretches, and I've got it so I'm sitting on the elastic (the only way that it'll fit him!) now THAT's a funny feeling!!! Haha!

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hey Lori. Sorry I wasn't online today. My son and his family came over, then I had to work 2 to close. Great blog today. Love the picture of the woods. Gee, that viadock sure looks familiar! lol Oh yeah, I live a block away from it.

LuĂ­sa Lima said...

Hi Lori,

The place where you live sounds amazing!! Abandoned railroads and rail stations?? Please do post some photos :-)

It's always a great adventure to start trailing with horses! I can't get mine used to everything yet and it's been 2 years already... But he's starting to behave better :-)

CG said...

I enjoyed reading about your day!

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