Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday 11 July 2008

Okay this is gonna be short and sweet it has been an extremely hot day today 88F with humidity in the upper 50 percentile. Of course Lisa and I chose the worst time of day to get out there but neither of us are morning people and there is always so much going on first thing. I really have to start disciplining myself to get up earlier and enjoy the best time of the day.

(hollyhock flowers for Abraham)
(Lisa's grampa's old barn)
(An old milk urn)
(To finish it off, an old wooden outhouse!!!)

I tried to give her a few basics on photography about f-stops, shutter speeds and ISO and how they work together but I think I ended up confusing her more than helping her LOL. I am not a very good teacher, I know what I want to explain but I just can't put it into words that will make it easy for someone to understand.

The pics today are a few that we shot this afternoon, I am heading for the shower and then hopefully a good night's sleep.

Have a great weekend all. (((((Hugs)))))))




Mike said...


I love the shots! I really like the one of the barn and the one of the milk can.

I am sure you are a good teacher. It is good for people to get together and take "field trips" like this. It is always interesting to see the others pictures and how they look at things.

Stay cool, it has finally warmed up in Missouri and with all the rain the humidity is horrendous. We are supposed to get more soon.

Take care. Tell Larry hi.


Rising Rainbow said...

You've changed your top photo from muddy horses running across the field to a lion. Is there a reason for that??

CG said...

I like your new header although I miss the horses. Wonderful day photography will all make sense to Lisa!

Strawberry Lane said...

Love your country photos!!

It is so great to be back and catching up on all the adventures, photos and events that have been going on while I've been away from the computer.

Sure miss knowing what is going on. And I can see you've been busy taking your beautiful photos.
Love the humming birds, and the horses, and the scenes. So beautiful!

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