Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday 10th July 2008

Another hot humid day today but at least Larry got me outside to work with Cayenne and ride her a bit, withouut the kick up the butt I would just not get it done Sigh!! I actually enjoyed it but this is the nature of this illness, lack of motivation.

My first photo today is one I had entered into a challenge on the DP Challenge forum so I didnt want to put it here as I know some of those members come here to look see but it is one of my best hummingbird shots so far. The sunlight was just falling on the bird and he turned the right way to catch the rays because right next to him is under the eaves of the house and it is very dark. I have some others but part of the bird is in the shadow and it doesnt have as much impact.
(Click on picture to enlarge)

Walking to collect mail this morning I finally photographed this flower which has been growing there every year since I first came here 7 years ago but it just hasnt got any bigger.

The pic below is the full size of it now and it has the most blooms on it that I have seen so far. I have seen this tree once before and it was a great big tree. Anyone know what it is?
I got a snap of this little butterfly sitting on a milkweed plant flower but his one rear wing is damaged which is a shame. Didnt see the moth today but will keep watching out for it.
One of the downsides of having spotted horses, or paint horses is that the skin underneath the white hair is pink and very susceptible to sunburn. Last year Wiggle got sunburned quite badly out at the pasture down the road but I started spraying her with sunblock and she got better.

What you see below is what the three brown fillies' muzzles loook like, I believe it is also caused by the red clover that grows in the fields here and the dampness of the grass in the early mornings. I am going to have to start wiping something on them to keep them protected. Any suggestions anyone. Larry's potion is Baby Oil and Betadine which seemed to work last time but I know I am going to struggle to get this done because these fillies have had no training other than casual contact with me every day so I wont be able to restrain them by tying them up while I tend to them, they will just panic.
That is another project for the rest of this summer, trying to get these 3 fillies lead broke and having feet picked up and trimmed and hopefully a saddle on them as they will be 3 year olds next year.

Well that is about it for today, hope all of this made up for me missing yesterday and that you are all well, nearly the weekend again can you believe it! ((((Hugs))))) and my thoughts, prayers and positive vibes to everyone who has troubles at the moment, there seeems to be so much suffering all over the world at the moment and I know people from as far away as Africa to here in the USA who are having hardships because of flooding, fires and other things.

C Y'all tomorrow


Mike said...

Wow you got some awesome pictures today as always. I see you nailed your hummingbird shot! I love the picture of the horse drinking even with the clover effects and the butterfly is stunning.

I think your flower is a Sumac. I am sure Abe will be able to tell us for sure. The leaves turn bright orange and red in the fall and the stems may have fuzz on them.

Wonderful shots Lori. It looks like you are getting back into the groove of things!

Mike said...

Wow, love the new header! I sure didn't see that this morning but then I was still waking up! :)

Lulu said...

Zinc Oxide for those sore, burned noses. Trust me! It's cheap, and soothing, with antibiotic properties! I've used it for years for the same exact thing!

LuĂ­sa Lima said...

Hi Lori,

Congratulations on your hummingbird :-) That's an amazing photo!!

Poor horses :-( Mine has black skin, I never thought that they would get sunburt so badly!

It's amazing how you find so many different themes around your house...

raccoonlover1963 said...

Pretty butterfly. The poor horses. It looks very painful. Hope you find a remedy soon>

Rising Rainbow said...

I use desitin on stuff like that. It helps to heal, stays on great and blocks the sun.

CG said...

Hummingbird pic is great, I hope you find a solution for the sore noses!!

Salty said...

Wow! This is one impressive humming bird shot! You must have used a very fast shutter to stop the wing movement! This is quite a feat, stopping rapid movement while still having adequate DOF to keep the entire bird sharp!

I agree with Mike, your mystery plant is sumac. We have lots of it growing on reverting farm land. Also I want to thank you for identifying my lilies.

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