Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday 6 July 2008

Thanks all for your visits. Gecko asked what mode I shoot in. I use a Canon 20D and I shoot in Manual always. I take light readings off my hand but I do use autofocus on my lenses. The light readings let me decide what combination of shutter speed and apperture I need to get the effect that I want. It is complicated to explain quickly but that is where the difference comes in between a Professional and a person with a good camera. The cameras these days are all made to make it easy for most people to achieve acceptable shots with their compact or SLR cameras BUT the difference again comes in when there are unusual situations where the camera cannot expose as it should because it's light meter has been fooled into believing there is more or less light than there really is and then you end up with an over or underexposed photograph, whereas, shooting in manual teaches you how to compensate for these unusual circumstances and still come up with the shots. Composition and lighting become a huge part of what you are shooting and knowing when to and when not to.

I have always shot for a living, it was never a hobby for me, I learned to print black and white pictures in a darkroom before I even took my first picture, and then it was on a Practica with a 50mm Carl Zeiss Lens LOL, a totally manual focus camera. No auto anything there everything was achieved with knowledge and my knowledge came the hard way, by making mistakes and asking why and learning from them. Getting great shots and asking why and learning from them too. Every lens you use has different quirks and results depending on how it is used. I make a dreadful teacher so I dont find it easy to put these things into words, but if any of you ever want to know why you got a specific result on a photo, ask me and I will see if I can figure it out and help you to avoid the same thing happening again. There are a few basic rules in photography and once you know those and how they work it is just a matter of putting them into practice to get the result you want.

Photography lesson over LOL. It was a very hot and humid day, I didnt have a very good one. Larry ad I went for a BBQ at Larry's sister's house this afternoon for his nephew's birthday. Larry has been getting up for a few hours a day so we timed his up time for then today. It started badly with a phone call at 6.30am this morning telling us that our home heakllth aide had called off and they didnt know if they could get a replacement for her. This ALWAYS happens when we have an appointment and time is important and makes it hard for me to get everything done in time to leave. Eventually someone came at 1pm and we left at 3pm so we just made it.

I think Larry enjoyed the time out with part of his family, it has been quite a while since we have gone visiting or since he has been off the property.

I did get Taxes out before we went for a few hours to have a run around in the bottom of the barn and dry lot outside the barn. The pictures today are a few of him, little monster wanted to stay inside where all the girls were of course LOL so he didnt run outside much but I think he enjoyed stretching his legs. I can already see a change in his attitude in a big way since he was gelded. He still wants to nip everything he can get his mouth near but that is typical, he has had a hormonal slow down though in a big wayLOL. Poor boy. He is only 15 months old now and stands the same height as any of our adult horses so he is going to grow a lot more.

Well that's it for today, thanks again everyone for4 your visits (((((Hugs)))) and have a good week.


raccoonlover1963 said...

Taxes looks so sweet and innocent! He look great. Did he just get a good brushing?

Abraham Lincoln said...

This is a beautiful post, Lori. It is also one that shows your age. LOL By that I mean the camera is a Canon 20D and replaced by the Canon 40D. Now that is supposed to be funny.

It still takes exceptional photographs and you are still doing all of the right things most all of the time on the photographs that I see.

As for Taxes, I am sorry, he is now a gelding but then what can I say about hormones that you haven't heard dozens of times about horses.

Lots of people think Tyson manufactures chickens for frozen dinners and Campbells chicken noodle soup.

The people who know those kinds of facts have no knowledge of animal body parts.

Unless and until you have been butted by a pacifist sheep or a rangy goat and sent flying you might not even know about hormones.

I am so thankful to be pain free (still) and able to work like the horse I once was at 50. My wife aches like a pincushion but has helped me a lot in outside work. I sweat but have been able to get my breath, work, and set and rest and marvel at whatever I am then doing.

In April I could not get my breath. Times change.

Luísa Lima said...

Hi Lori,

Oh, Taxes is sooo beautiful! He is going to grow to be a big horse!!!

I had to geld mine as well (in Portugal we don't usually geld them, we let them be as stallions), because he was biting himself and trying to jump out of his box... he's been an ANGEL ever since!!! At least he doesn't hurt himself daily anymore! You're going to notice tremendous difference in Taxes!!!

Oh, by the way, me and my boyfriend are in love with your paints (by the way, what are Double L Paints)? We don't see them much in Portugal, if only they could fly here ;-)



CG said...

Taxes is stunning. It's great we've been able to see him grow up.

Lulu said...

Taxes looks like he belongs in a show ring! He is very well built!

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