Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday 18 August 2008 (2nd post)

I wanted to add that the lump under BBs throat was not strangles, she had had it there from the time she was a baby and no-one had ever done anything to try to clear it up. When she went out to pasture last year I started putting drawing ointment on it and within 2 weeks it had completely gone and has never re-appeared. This makes her not being able to compete at those two shows even more disheartening, they didnt refund the entry fees from either so our friend who had her in training for us and picked up the whole bill lost about $2000 between the two shows just in entry fees. I can never thank him and his wife enough for all they have done for us and our horses. They owned BBs daddy, A Blue Dude who was the most awesome horse on the planet (I am biased but he was really beautiful, he had to be euthenased after a bad roundpen accident before BB was born so she is pretty much his only offspring as he was only 3 years old) and grand daddy, How D Special Dude, who is also the father of the three filies out at pasture and Dream. I have pictures that I took of A Blue Dude when they were at a show I was shooting before his accident and will have to dig it out of the archives, I am sure you will agree that he was awesome.

Okay just wanted to clear that up and have probably confused everyone more LOL.


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Anonymous said...

Gosh. I had not heard "Strangles" since ages ago.

I was at the elevator the other day and mentioned cow and horses who eat too much green pasture. I said something about sticking them for their bloating and somebody in the elevator getting bags of feed said, "I have not heard the word 'Bloat' since I was a little boy."

Funny how things pop back in the memory books.

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