Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday 17 August 2008

Two old pics today I am afraid. This one is from the Welsh Pony Show. This lady is riding her little stallion without the bridle on, she is very talented. She asked me t capture some shots of her after the one class because no-one had ever done so, they were more in awe of what she was doing than thinking about hitting the shutter, I was too LOL

I am sure some of you have heard about The Extreme Cowboy Race here in US which is aired of RFDTV where they have all sorts of obstacles to do and tasks and the quickest time wins. It is held in a few elimination rounds and she got Reserve Champion at the one last year on a grey pony that she also rides. I know she competed on this pony this year but I dont know where she placed but know it was in the top 4. If you click on the link above you will be able to see a video of the race and most of if not all of her ride if you can sit long enough through the ads LOL. Definitely worth watching. My point is that This little stallion would rather ride without a bridle than with one, the only reason he is riding with one here is because it states he has to in the show rules!!

I didn't take my camera with me yesterday because I anticipated a green newly broke horse to be a handful in the forests and on the trails, first time out, boy was I ever wrong!!! Cayenne was an absolute star. We had a long ride and she stepped over all the tree limbs, went into the river for a drink and waded through parts of the trail along the river in knee deep water. I never felt her tense up once and you would have sworn she had been doing this all her life, I was so proud of her, considering that I have ridden her maybe a dozen times only in her life!

She wasnt too sure about the mud and the first mud spot we came to we were already in themiddle of it when she realised it was gooey and stopped, but I rode her through it and that was the first and last hint of unease that I had from her.

I nearly ended up in the middle of a hornets nest, literally. There was a downed tree on the one trail so we were going around the tree to make a new track and meet up with the original one and the next second there it was hanging in front of me about 12 feet away!!

I just about had a fit and one of the hornets made a B-line for me, it stung me above the right eye but fortunately it didnt get a good shot and my hair was not tied up because I swatted it off and kept swatting around my head with my hair flying all over the place so it got caught up in that, and yelled at the guy in front (who had stopped) to keep going, if the rest of the swarm got a hint of his attack they would all be onto me in no time. We put some mud on it and it is nearly gone today. I have been taking a lot of antihistamines because of the pollen so I think having that in my system helped a lot too.

The nest was about the size of a football, I have never seen anything like it. Thee was another one on the main trail hanging directly overhead of where you ride which we already knew about and they are going to have to find a way of moving it because you cant ride under it. I am just thankful it stung me and not Cayenne, she probably would have reacted to that LOL.

Well that's it for today, I may try to post again later to make up for missing so much time. If I dont hope you are all having a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

I must say you are very lucky about the hornet's nest and getting stung only once or twice.

You asked about the Ruby-throated Hummingbird picture. I will be posting another which looks a lot like the one you saw on my birds blog; but this one will be on the Brookville Blog tomorrow (Monday) morning. God. I just forgot what day it was.

I take these shots towards evening when the sun peeks over the roof and hits the feeder. The rest of the day the feeder would be in the shade. So the sun makes the feathers shine and glisten.

I used my Rebel SXi which is the newest one and a 55-250mm zoom lens but am actually sitting in a chair about 4-5 feet from the feeder. It is just the way I have always done it to shoot humming birds and it works for me.

I have several thousand photos of hummers on flowers, flying and so on but none ever look the same because the light is always different and the little hummers are always moving.

Look at the one on Monday on the Brookville Daily Photo blog and notice the arch in its back. Talk about proud. I will try to answer any other questions you may have.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hey Lori. I love the shot of the Hibiscus. Where and when did you take that shot? Several blooms on it.

Gecko said...

Wow, that's talent alright! Can't blame the stallion for preffering riding without a bridle though!
(sorry I'm only catching up now!!)

So sorry to hear about the hornet sting, ouch! At least the mud helped, nature's way! =)

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