Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday 25 September 2008

I mentioned the dead skunk and buzzards in the field yesterday and have edited a few of the pictures. The first on shows how close the horses got to the birds. The skunk was just out of frame on the right about midway up the side of the photo. Despite its really bad smell the horses seemed to be unphased.
I didnt get any shots of the birds on the skunk s this was the closest I got to getting a bird in the vicinity of the animal, I am not going to post the closeups of the little guy (as smelly as he was) because it is a bit gory.
When I started moving around the buzzards started getting wary and sat on the electric posts and flew around and I was lucky to catch this shot. I wasnt using my 70-200 2.8 lens which is super fast with it's focusing, but used my Tokina 80-400 instead which I love and have been using for years despite having to be careful that it takes soft pictures if I zoom it all the way in. I normally have to back it off a bit before I shoot so probably shoot at 350mm or thereabouts. It is a slow focuser unfortunately, but I got a few useable shots I think.

Nothing much happening today, I worked on orders and stock images for the magazine, still lots more editing to do, it just never ends. I want to ride Lori tomorrow and take her out trail riding this weekend if possible but I havent ridden her in nearly a year so it should be interesting, she is not as calm as Cayenne LOL. I will see how it pans out tomorrow whether I take her, Cayenne or Wiggle.

My Dad is having good days where he recognises everyone and is awake and then other days where he is in that comatose state. My brother is trying to get a landline number for me so that I can maybe call him on that and have more success than I have been having with calling their cell phones to try to talk to him.

The waiting and not knowing is very hard.

Well that's about it for today, I will try to catch up on my blog reading tomorrow a bit, thanks all for your visits and messages they are really appreciated. (((Hugs))))


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Abraham Lincoln said...

Was sorry to hear about your dad.

The turkey vultures are neat birds.

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