Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday 24 September 2008

This is a picture of my mare Lori which I took yesterday while walking down to get the mail. We are still dry dry dry. Since our last significant rainfall which was only about 2 inches about 8 weeks ago we have only had half an inch even with all the hurricanes and cyclones, it just seems to skim past us. You can see from this picture how dry the field is, this is the one that we reseeded. I know I am going to hate the mud when it comes but we could have 6 inches and it wouldnt stand in puddles because the cracks in the ground are so deep. This was the next shot with Wiggle in it too, they are looking so well, but if you look at the larger versions you will see spots all over their faces, that is the flies, there is no stopping them. The only positive in all this that I can think of LOL (and I am sure there are more) is that we have had very little mosquito activity!!
I have put these two into the newly planted field, which did grow and reseed fortunately before the rain stopped so hopefully that will all spring up at the first sign of rain or in the spring. I have only put them out here because it is so dry and it helps with the stable maintenance, that is not having as many stalls to clean. The temps have been beautiful in the mornings, 50s and the evenings have topped out in the low 80s for the most part so it is really comfortable.

I found a dead skunk down in the other field yesterday too, right slap bang in the middle of it so have no idea what happened to the little guy, can see no marks or anything, but boy does he stink. I was going to try to move it but it is far enough away to not affect us here and the buzzards moved in and now it stinks even worse so I dont think I could bear to get anywhere near it. I got some shots of the buzzards but they were pretty far away, I will edit a few and post them if they are any good. Of course I had to take a few shots of the skunk too, yuk!

Every day I regret not taking advantage of the beautiful weather to ride while I can but I am getting better and with Larry bringing in some help to do the manual stuff and help with the stalls it feels like a tonne has been lifted from my shoulders. I am just finding that I am really tired all the time and more often than not have to lay down in the afternoon then end up sleeping for two hours and again regretting the waste of time. Despite that I feel a lot better than I have in recent months so hopefully this will all pass and I will get back to enjoying my beautiful horses.

I am starting to get more worried as I have had no news of my Dad since my brother went back to Johannesburg. I am going to try to phone again tomorrow, but will call the landline, I should have more success getting through that way rather than trying to call their cell phones.

Hope everyone is well and having a good week. I have so many pictures I want to edit for stock, orders and personal reasons and just am not getting ahead with it, suppose I should stop sleeping in the afternoon LOL. (((Hugs)))))



Original L said...

It's been a while since I was here, so sorry to hear you are sick. The pictures are great as usual, and Taxes is so big now!

I gave you an award - stop by my blog to pick it up!

raccoonlover1963 said...

Your baby girls are so pretty! Are you going to post stinker's picture too? LOL I finally got my grape juice all put up, already measured out for my jelly. Chuck is happy. Homemade grape jelly is his favorite!
I hope you get some news soon. I know how it is not knowing what's going on.

CG said...

It sounds like you really need the sleep!! Hope you have news of your dad soon.

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