Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday 10 September 2008

Here are a couple of pics from my trail riding expedition, this is Stan on Boo, one of the first fillies that I bred and one of the three babies he has bought from us. She was the horse I rode all weekend, she is a little tyrant OL but I love her, she is a stocky, strong sturdy mount and has a huge heart.

This is Shami, she was 10 weeks old on that weekend and is a little ball of fluff, here she is hiding under one of the camp chairs with a piece of hoof trimmings, which for some reason dogs love to chew.
This is Valerie laying on a bench and Shami decided her long hair would make a wonderful toy thing.
Finally this is Kami, Val and Stan's daughter riding a friend's horse with the little girl of the guy who runs the camp and is head of the committee. They had a little contesting competition on Saturday evening. It was terribly dusty and it was blowing straight at where I was taking the photos from so I didnt get that many but here they are doing the barrel racing.
I had some disturbing news today from my brother in South Africa, my Dad has been admitted to hospital and it looks as if we may lose him. My brother is flying from Johannesburg to Cape Town tomorrow morning and hopefully he will give me more details then. I feel so helpless so far away, it is an impossibility for me to even think of going there to be with them because the air fare is ludicrous. He has just turned 78 and always led a healthy life, playing lots of sports which included running, cycling, soccer, cricket and everything in between. Please keep him in your prayers tonight, I havent seen him since just before I left South Africa and that is over 7 years ago.

(((((Hugs)))))) everyone.



Mike said...

Your Dad will be in my prayers Lori as will you be. I will stop by later and reread your last two posts but wanted you to know I was here albiet briefly.


Fugazi said...

Hi Lori - I will be thinking of your father. The last picture was great:)) Lots of action. Love hugs Fugazi:)

photogchic said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope he pulls through. I can imagine how helpless you feel. Can you get on Skype with a camera and at least talk and see him through the internet? Just a thought. Keep us posted.

CG said...

Will keep your dad in my prayers xx

Gecko said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad Lori, there are still two posts I haven't read so I'm really hoping there is some good news for him.

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