Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday 11th September 2008

I have been in a bit of a daze all day today, didnt sleep well last night which didnt help. I stayed near the phone and computer and got an update from my brother eventually at about 8pm their time 1pm our time. The Scan indicates that my Dad has Brain Cancer, they are not sure where it started from but it is very advanced and they are not going to try any treatments because there is little hope. I am devastated, he was always such a healthy fit man a great husband and a good father, he deserves better than this. I also feel guilty because I am not there then I feel that at least I will remember him as he was 7 years ago when I last saw him and not as he must be now. I will know more tomorrow, my brother has a meeting at 9am tomorrow morning with the doctors again (2am here) so I am dreading turning on my computer or receiving a phone call.

Fugazi, Mike, photogchic and CG thanks for your messages, your words are appreciated more than you can imagine. I feel so alone here separated from all of this by such a distance and dont really have anyone really close to me to endure this with other than Larry who never knew him.

(click on pics to enlarge)
I fiddled with my camera a bit today while in my daze and tried my 2x converter on mt 70-200 2.8 lens on my bird feeder. It was a bit dull and overcast but these are some that I came up with, above one of the few occasions that I have seen a hummingbird come to rest although they say that they do spend about 80% of their time perched, the rest eating, nectar for their fuel and insects for their survival.
The little hornets or wasps or whatever they are above, we call them yellow jackets and they always come out in droves during fruit season because they feed on the fallen and bruised fruit around the trees on the ground. These little guys are about half an inch long but they pack a huge punch if they sting you, very painful and lots of swelling, and they are very aggressive, they spent the whole day chasing all the birds away from the feeder, not just the nectar for the hummingbirds but from all the seed holders too. I hope they dissappear soon because they are a real pest.
I am not sure what this bird is, I have had a lot of them hanging around along with a woodpecker. At first I thought they might be Bluejays that had lost their colored feathers, but I am not sure.

That's all I have for you today guys, hope you all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, we might see some much needed rain at last so we are hoping that it happens. The ground is so dry that I can run the garden hose in the cracks and they never fill up, the water just dissappears so I know we will need a few inches at least to make any impact. ((((Hugs)))) and thanks again



photogchic said...

So sorry will be in my prayers.

Mike said...


Your little bird in the bottom picture is called a nuthatch.

I am so sorry to hear the news of your dad. I know being seperated from him now is the most difficult thing for you. It always seems funny that some of the most fit and health concious people get this terrible disease. I have know several.

I wish I could do something to help you but it is a journey you have to travel alone no matter how many people are around.

I will continue to pray for your Dad and you during this difficult time.

Hang in there my friend,


Katee said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your Dad. Had he been sick for a very long time? I hope not. I hope that he's been able to live his life to the fullest right up until the moment he had to go to the hospital.

CG said...

What sad news, Lori. I lost a dear friend in Canada very recently and felt so bad I couldn't be there with her - I am sure your dad would understand and know that you are thinking of him.
Your memories of your dad will be of a strong, healthy and happy man - I am sure he'd be happy about that.

"DJ" said...

So sorry to hear about your Dad. I went through that with my Dad 20 years ago. You have my prayers and empathy.



Gecko said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad Lori, but by the sounds of it he has lived a long and happy life.

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