Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday 12 September 2008

This is the last photo I have of my Dad when he visited me in Johannesburg just before I left for England over 9 years ago and this is also the last time I saw him. I set the camera on a tripod with self timer to get it LOL

Things are not looking good, he rallied a bit today and my brother is trying to get all the options for his care once he leaves the hospital. He is still being fed with a feeding tube but has lucid moments. The doctor says that he will have good periods and bad periods because of the cancer swelling on the brain and that he will probably succumb to that, it is just a waiting game now. I am trying to get a phone number for where he is and hopefully if he is lucid enough I will be able to talk to him briefly, my brother is trying to arrange that.

Not much else to report. We will not be taking BB to the show, I have been so out of it the past 2 days and I havent finished getting her clipped and cleaned. It started raining today, we didnt have much and there could be more on the way, Sunday is expected to be very wet (thanks to Hurricane Ike) so it looks as if the horse show will be under cover of a roof which makes shooting pictures really hard. The outside ones always look better than the indoor ones taken with flash.

Hope you all have a great weekend, I will try to check in on Saturday evening and make a post but am not sure how late the show will go on.

For all of you in the danger areas of Ike take care and lets hope it isn't as bad as they are predicting, just stay safe.



Mike said...

What a wonderful picture!

Keep us posted on what is going on and I do hope you have a good show despite your distractions.

We are putting flippers on getting ready for the after effects of Ike. We weathered Gustav in fine fashion bringing us good rain. Two hurricanes in one year, what an occurance. We are usually lucky to get one which breaks our summer droughts. The one year we have had record rainfall and we get two. Go figure!

CG said...

What a beautiful photo - i can see you look like your dad (only prettier!)
One to treasure {{HUGS}}

Rising Rainbow said...

Lori, sorry to hear about your dad. Sometimes life sucks! Know you are in my thoughts and prayers. If you feel like "talking" let me know.

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