Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday 31 October 2008

It is Halloween here in the USA, we don't celebrate it and being in the coutry we don't get any trick or treaters.

I drove past the Elk Farm today after I had taken the trailer back to Pepper (the owner). There were 3 nice males with big racks of horns but they were right on the fenceline and under the trees and I had nowhere to pull over, it is a busy road. I got a shot of the white elk and friends that I photographed earlier in the year, they sure have grown up, but they were basking in the sunshine. This is one of the males that I could take pics of but the horns weren't as big, the two behind him are in a depression which has a pool of water in it, they were standing chest deep in the water LOL.

Another shot of Goldie, I didnt get much time to spend with her today but will tomorrow again. She is starting to come around and is going to be a real little tyrant.

On Thursday I went through to the campgrounds where we ride with Val and Stan to drop off some wood and hay as they were going to spend 4 days out and needed the extra supplies This is their 3 month old pup who runs in the forest with us while we are riding, absolutely loves mud and water and keeps up with us for hours!! Her name is Shami. Before I left I snapped this shot of her sitting with them at the campfire they had started, if you click on it you will see a larger version and can see the flames jumping up.

Well that is about it for today, it has been a beautiful day we toppoed out in the upper 60s and it was lovely out, pity I didnt get to spend more of it out there or riding LOL. I find that I am regressing now that Larry has found the help, he has given him all the feeding and cleaning duties, that is what kept me getting up in the mornings so now of course I hibernate inside. I don't like the cold so it is easy to let him do it, but it is not doing my mental health any good. I don't mind the feeding, it is just keeping up with 16 horses and cleaning stalls and the hauling and maintenance work around here that has got to me. We will have to see what happens long term, the young man, Adam, who comes over is excellent with the horses and loves animals and the animals love him back and respond really well to him which is great. He has never been around horses before but has got all three of the two year old fillies halter broke, saddled and backed with no problems at all. He just has a very quiet laid back personality and they seem to respond to it well.

That is it for today. It looks like I am only getting a post done every second day, but that is better than nothing. I have just realised that I posted a picture in my last post which I have entered into a Free Study challenge on DP Challenge site, so please anyone who comes here and frequents there as well, I would ask you to vote the photo on it's merits, not because you know whose it is. Thanks ((((((Hugs))))))



Anonymous said...

Such a variety of fur. Nice photos all. I like the dog the best though. I really love dogs one notch more than horses. Elk are way down on my list. LOL

I also forgot it was theme day so I just found some of the books I wrote and show a picture of them.

CG said...

Goldi looks cute and I love that little dog. I find keeping busy and getting out helps my mood. I am so prone to brooding!

Strawberry Lane said...

Great photos! What a treat to be able to take photos of the elk. You are really surrounded by nature. Wonderful picture of Goldi.

Rising Rainbow said...

What a sweet face Goldie has!

Wingnut said...

Hey Lori, Ok I am a butt head, they are antlers not horns :P technically antlers are grown from bone and are shed each year, horns are grown from hair and never shed... OK so there is your education for the week hehehehehe..... I love Goldie, I keep peeking in to see everything but haven't had time to post until now.

Take care!

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