Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday 29 October 2008

Been a bit of a yuk day today, pretty cold, woke up to below freezing, but we have a warm up on the way for the weekend. Battled to get out of the 40s the last few days but weekend should be in 70s (Indian Summer). I still haven't been able to get good pictures of my new baby Goldy (how original LOL) but got this shot of her little face, she is sooooo cute, but still trying to make friends with her she is very wary, loves her butt being scratched but when you get up to the neck and head she pulls away. Considering she has never been handled I suppose it is to be expected. She is VERY fuzzy with her baby coat and now the winter coat on top of it makes her look like a teddy bear!

(Click on pictures to see larger versions)
I am going to try to get them outside tomorrow to get a few better shots of her, will brush her a bit if she will let me first. She also has burrs in her mane and tail.

The mare that we took on to fatten up a month or so ago, BJ, got her first outing in the field today. She is stilll very thin and it doesnt show the full extent in this picture but it makes her look a bit better and I havent been able to post a pic of her othr than her portrait a while back. She was checked today and is not in foal so she will have a bit longer to recuperate and then I am not sure if Judy will try to breed her again as she is 23 years old already.
I was trying to get some motion blur shots for the one site I frequent and this is a long exposure of some autumn leaves on some trees down the drive blowing in the wind. It almost looks as if it has been painted, I was very pleased with the results. I got a few others which I will post when I am short of pics.

This was the sunset here last night, it was really pretty so I snapped it, despite the power lines.
This is DB April Dawn, the other mare that we brought back from Iowa, she was backlit nicely so I took this of her. I will get some bettter shots of her too when I have removed all the burrs from her mane and tail. I put her out in the field with BJ because Lori, Cayenne and Wiggle are being really mean to her and chasing her all the time so I thought I would give her a break from them. Worked out pretty well. I am going to start turning them out again tomorrow and leaving them out at night because the freeze has gone for now so I may as well take advantage of it. I will usually leave them out if it is above freezing and not raining.

I didn't have such a good day today and Larry isn't feeling too great either, with the colder weather it is harder for him to spend any length of time outside so he gets cabin fever from having to stay in. The next few days should be okay for him to get out and about.
Thats about it for today. Hope you are all well ((((Hugs)))))


Mike said...

Hi Lori,

It is late here and I am tired but wanted to say hi, before I get busy. I have always known about the early morning golden hour but my problem is I am not a great morning person, prefering sundown over sunup! I guess as winter comes on here I will need to start getting up sooner and get out.

I love your new mare. She is beautiful. Sounds a bit skittish. Boy, Taxes was never that way huh? But then he grew up with you.

I really like your autumn picture. I agree it looks like a painting.

I start class tomorrow night. I am excited, but like you have never really taken too many portraits. I will post a few as I go and you can critique me as I value your opinion. I may start a new blog just for the class. I don't know.

Well take care, I hope you and Larry get better soon. Part of it is probably the shorter days! Less sunlight to go around.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Goldie looks a bit worse for the wear. And stuff in her hair too. I really do like these photos and the last one is my style.

I am doing something different on my Gordon, Ohio blog. I set out to photograph and describe every house in the village where I was born.

Gordon, Ohio

Rising Rainbow said...

Goldie will come around. Just take your time and enjoy it.

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