Saturday, November 15, 2008

It has been a while again and I really wanted to follow up on my last blog entry about the Wild Mustangs. Below is a picture I took of one of our mares the other day, her name is IMA Blue Dudette, she is a Blueroan Paint mare and has a beautiful temperament.

On the Mustangs story I will address some of the comments, firstly Carmi it is so good to hear from you again!!! Thanks for stopping by. Yes the Mustang saga does go much much further and I am going to do a bit more searching on links etc. to better educate myself and hopefullly pass on my findings. I know there is huge pressure on BLM at the moment and believe me these people are being followed very closely and I dont think will be able to pull off what they are planning. There are apparantly about 30 000 wild mustangs in "holding facilities" which is costing a fortune when if they had just managed them in the wild better it wouldnt be costing them 27 million a year. The so called animal rights people say that adopting the horses out is the answer but these poor animals can end up in homes where people know nothing about horses let alone wild ones, and there are thousand of horses from all over the industry including the racehorse industry horses standing starving in "self proclaimed rescue holdings" and people's back yards because the novelty has worn off or in these economic times they "cant afford to feed them" which still doesnt explain why they dont get water either. I have unspeakable pictures in my mind of these poor animals that I will never be able to erase. Be very wary of these associations if you are thinking of donating money as some of them are run by unscrupulous people who only have their stomachs to worry about let alone the horses, and I bet you will find some of them smoke too! For the price of a box of cigarettes you can get a bale of hay which will more than adequately feed a horse for a day (60lb square bales of good grass or alfalfa).

I could go on about this all day but will try to find articles that will back up what I am saying and post them. Suffice it to say (and this is my opinion) PETA made a big mistake having the horse slaughter houses closed in the USA, because all that has done is make our horses suffer longer cramped journeys in terrible conditions to Mexico and Canada where they have processing plants. In Mexico they also have blood sports that involve horses. I wont go there right now. If PETA had focused their money and efforts on improving the handling and transporting of horses for slaughter (for whatever reason they have to find themseves on a journey to such a place) it would have been far more appropriate. I choose not to eat horse meat and that is everyone's perogative but I draw the line when it is making thousands of animals suffer every day needlessly.

Photogchic, they have implemented birth control on the Mustangs in some areas, I am not sure how successful they have been but it is too little too late. You can find a story here from a few days ago in the newsletter of one of the magazines I shoot for called The Horse

I dont think you have to register to view the article, if anyone has problems it is well worth registering, it is free and has all sorts of useful horse stuff in it.

Off my soapbox! and I hope I dont get flamed for any of the above, these thoughts are purely my opinion and the last I heard there was freedom of speach in USA.

We got our first snow today!!!!! Who would believe a week ago we were wearing T shirts and having temps in the 70s!! Below is a pic of it from inside our house, it didnt stick because it wasnt quite cold enough to keep it frozen once it had hit the wet ground from the rain.

Okay it feels good to get that off my chest and I am sorry if my next few posts follow along the same lines but it is something I really need to come to terms with and writing about it helps me tremendously. I promise I will try to find some pretty pictures to post as well so that if you dont want to read this type of stuff you can just look at the pictures. It is very personal (like politics) and sometimes things are better left unsaid and I respect that.




vicki said...

Oh, Lori, you need to do some research. PETA has not been involved in the anti slaughter efforts. The three kill houses were shut down by individual state laws in Texas and Illinois. I live in IL and the folks in DeKalb (where the kill house was located) were sick of the stench and pollution and wanted them gone. The rest of us lobbied for the law because horses are not food animals and should not be slaughtered.

The Mustang problem is easy to fix. Return the horses to their land. They weren't having any problems until the BLM rounded them up. There are 6 MILLION cattle on the land. Take a few million of them off. The whole issue revolves around the cattle ranchers wanting the land for their cattle. The horses were there long before the BLM and the ranchers. Our tax dollars are going to the BLM to protect the horses, not extinct them.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lori'' I cant believe you are getting your false stories and posting them on a blog that it was Peta that close the plants in the US. It wasnt peta it was responsible and caring people like my self and before you say it Yes I do own horses. I have been fighting the pro slaughter ignorance people for years and I wont stop until the exports of horses finally stops. Closing the plants in the US hasnt hurt no one but the auctioneers since they lost a few killer buyers that couldnt go to mexico or canada , but the slaughter rates in mexico and canada have increased 110% meaning slaughter hasnt slowed down its only a few auctioneers that are losing out. Slaughter in the US was never humane I have documented it my entire life and until you could come with me to canada and see you would change your mind. Lets say If I were a criminal and wanted your horses now that I see your blog and from Indiana that gives me a close idea where to go to steal your horses and bring them to the Plants to be slaughtered pretty sad to hear huh well its true I have met some that have had there horses stolen and slaughtered. To date any of these AQHA,APHA,AVMA,AAEP or Cattle Association have not ever set funds for retiring horses or to a horse rescue program. ALl have made money off the horses flesh. Did you know Texas Plants operated illegal killing horse for years and hired illegal aliens to do it.. Did you know we tax payers were paying for there inspectors. Did you know the South Western Cattle Association collected $3.00 per horse slaughtered. Did you know Cavel Internationl never paid there fines of violating city water regs. Did you know that the AVMA and the AAEP took an Oath in office to protect the horse had failed because they knew horses were going to slaughter in Mexico way before US plants were forced to close and that double deckers were being used inhumanely and being overloaded. for more info visit our site Dont listen to these morons making money off your horses flesh. Its time to make people realize the truth and learn responsibility.

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