Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday - 16 November 2008

I am going to address the post from yesterday and the replies I have had from a few people regarding this situation in a seperate post but wanted to do a post as an update on what is happening here on a personal level for those of you who don't want to get involved in the other matter.

This is the one filly I brought back from Iowa a few weeks back, she is the two year old filly Dawn's momma and her name is DB April Dawn because she was born on 1st April 2002. Now bear in mind that this filly has just spent nearly 4 years in a huge pasture with no human contact other than to be fed with a herd of mares and a stallion.

She had two weeks training on her to break her to ride before she went to Iowa and only had one foal out of the three foaling seasons which was Dawn. The young lady with her is Kendal, the daughter of a friend of ours who used to come over and did a bit of work with April for a few weeks before she went to Iowa. Kendal has never ridden solo, without being on a lead rope and someone on the other end of it. We took April out of our field, worked her for a bit, put a bridle and saddle on her and Kendal jumped up on her and was walking and trotting around the arena like they had been doing it all for years, after only about 5 minutes!!! Not only is Kendal a natural horsewoman (it is amazing to watch someone who "has it" when they first start riding) but April is a great minded mare. We are hoping that Kendal and April will be able to compete in the 4H County and Indiana State Fairs next year along with BB the mare who's picture I had in yesterday's post. BB will be her halter prospect and April will be her riding prospect. This is a very dedicated 11 year old and is not happy with someone doing the work for her and then handing her the reins, she does all of it herself. I do have pictures of her looking at the camera, but thought with the internet the way it is at the moment I would rather post this one. Here April is just following her around without any lead rope and turning stopping and walking off with Kendal with no aides other than her voice and body language. I am very excited about this venture, I am not competitive so this is a great opportunity to get some of our horses out there for people to see and then maybe we can sell some of them to good caring homes. Hopefully she will get a few Pinto shows in next year too.
We used to do Catblogging Friday here on blogger and I have got so far behind that I rarely post as you have all seen, so here is a belated Friday catblogging picture. It is my barn cat Sylvester having a good old scratch. He is my best mouser in the barn LOL.
It is absolutely freezing here today, we had about 1.75 inches of rain over two days which was great but now the temps are plummeting and we are barely coming above freezing with wind chills below freezing. Al the horses are indoors because the wind is blowing, if it wasnt windy I would turn them out but the wind just makes it unbearable to be out there and I am sure the horses feel the same way.
I will be making another post later, I am just preparing it and trying to get some facts and links to go along with it. It is going to be a looooong post be warned LOL.


Mike said...

Hi Lori,

Sorry I have not responded sooner but I do want to sit down and read each of these posts carefully so i be sure I understand the issues. I don't think people are getting on the blogs like they used to or they are like me and don't seem to have time to get around to everyones site.

Talk more later. Just wanted to let you know I am seeing these and I do care about the situation.


CG said...

I miss catblogging Friday and it's lovely to see Sylvester. I have been away for a few days..

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