Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday 14 December 2008

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I have left this very late tonight, just finished watching Survivor Gabon Finale and because of the football running over time Survivor has only just finished LOL. I have posted a picture that is finishing in the DP Challenge in about half an hour so I doubt if anyone will see it before the end of voting. This is the same sunrise as the one I posted a few days ago, right before the sun started clearing the horizon, it was vry cold and there were a lot of whispy clouds around so it made a very interesting scene. This is virtually the color that it was, I just brightened it and increased the saturation a bit, otherwise it is as shot.
I have been promising a fellow blogger Mikael of MiKael's Mania (you will see her link in the lists of my favorite blogs on the right side of the page) that I would help her get a camera to suit her needs and give her some basic tuition on how to get the best photos of her horses using it. Of course I have put it off and put it off and now I really need to get it done. I may start a seperate blog with tips and tricks or I may use this blog to do a few tutorials to teach the basics of photography. I am a hopeless teacher so I hope I dont end up confusing everyone. I will start with that tomorrow, I started trying to explain on her blog in the comments and it was getting too long winded!!!
Hope you all had a good weekend, I had a long chat with my friend Cyndy in South Africa again today and it has left me feeling more positive than I have in a long time, thanks Cyd (((Hugs))))
Se y'all tomorrow.


CG said...

Beautiful photo; hope it does well in DPC! I would enjoy reading any hints and tips you may have on photography!! I'm glad your friend helped you feel more positive :) You did the same for me yesterday. {{HUGS}}

Anna said...

This is just stunning.

Rising Rainbow said...

I have to laugh at you taking shortcuts and pointing folks to the sidebar to find links. Remember traffic building 101 and the importance of cross links? I don't know why the search engines ignore those sidebars, but they do, either that or they date them and decide they are too old after a while. Either way, it's better for your blog traffic to use links in your posts. And yes, I know, I am guilty of the same thing but trying to turn over a new leaf. LOL

Salty said...

Lovely photograph Lori!

That sky is simply amazing!

gel said...

Spectacular sky shot! Glad I joined Skywatch Fri. I also noticed you have forged ahead bravely to make changes in your life (which I can relate to specifically)... I'm happy for you in that regard and wish you a promising and better New Year 2009!

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