Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday 13 December 2008

It has been a very varied day today, I regained contact with one of my nearly lifelong friends who I havent spoken with for 10 - 12 years. Facebook has been a wonderful form of therapy for me in that I have got in touch with so many people from my past and it is wonderful to catch up. My daughter is also on there so it makes it easier to communicate and our relationship has been strained for the past 8 years. So Kristin and Cyd if you are reading this, I am so glad that I found you both again, I am looking forward to doing more catching up.

Todays pic is one I took of Taxes a few weeks ago, he has quite a bit of winter coat already here. Poor boy no-one wants to be friends with him, he is the only male horse on the property other than our stallion Blue and of course grew up without any company of his own age so the poor little guy is getting it from all sides with the mares. I am hoping to find a good home for him, he would probably be better off in an environment with other geldings.

I spent about 4 hours with BJ, the mare that we have been fattening up for our friend Judy, this evening as she appeared to have colic and wanted to lay down and roll constantly. Colic is the number one killer of horses so when you think they have it you call the vet then start keeping them on their feet. When they roll because of the pain they can twist a gut and that is fatal. She is not a young mare so that doesnt help. Judy was going to collect her tomorrow anyway so it is unfortunate that this happened tonight. She is still not 100% so now it is a waiting game, checking her regularly and hoping that the shots that the vet gave her work.

Hope you are all having a good weekend, we had a reasonable day, around freezing and it still is but there is a strong wind blowing in and combine that with the cold air gives you a wind chill about 5 - 10 degrees lower than actual ambient temp.

((((((Hugs))))))) C U all 2morrow.



Donna said...

Taxes is so big!!

CG said...

I hope BJ is ok. Colic is terrible.

Poor Taxes; I wish we could have him. i'm glad you've had renewed contact with old friends and your daughter. This has been a terrible year for friendships for me.

Strawberry Lane said...

Colic! That word strikes terror. Thinking about you and hoping for the very best!

So glad you have connected with friends from the past. How terrific!

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