Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday 12 December 2008

I finally got all of my horses out for the day today. We were still well below freezing and it was a bit windy but I just had to get them out into the fresh air and will do so again tomorrow. On Sunday we are expecting it to rain again. They didn't go crazy running despite not having been out for a few weeks like I thought they might, for which I was grateful because the ground is pretty frozen and one could easily fall if they aren't careful. There isnt much outside for them but they kept themselves busy nibbling at what they could find. It actually snowed for a good part of the day but didnt accumulate much because of the wind.

The shot above is my new baby, Goldie, I have so few pictures of her and she isnt exactly very photogenic at the moment or since she came here, she still has her baby coat and got her winter coat on top of that so she is itching like crazy. She was born at the end of May which is a bit late, usually they shed their baby hair before they start getting their winter coat. She looks like a puffball. She is also very wormy, you can see that by her belly. I have wormed her already but need to find a wormer that will take care of tapeworms too because she is still looking bloated.

I haven't been able to get very friendly with this filly yet, it has been cold so I havent spent a lot of time outside and she has never been handled or even around people so she is very touchy, she almost acts like you are giving her an electric shock when you reach out to scratch her and she is very handy with swinging that butt in your direction and delivering a swift kick, little brat. I had to guess which halter would fit her and Stan got it onto her the one day last week (It was a bit big) but she won't let me near her head if I want to touch the halter. She will let me scratch her between her ears and on her forehead but runs like heck if I want to get any closer to her. I really need to start working with her or she is going to be too big to handle easily, even now she is too strong for me to grab the halter and be able to hold onto her until she calms down or I can get a rope snapped onto the halter. When I do I will leave the rope attached which will make it easier for me to get a hold of her safely. This is only the second time I have been able to get her outside since she came home and she stayed well away from me LOL.
As you know from a week or so ago, I lost my buddy Wild Cat which I was very upset about, but this little kitten has been hanging around the barn the past few weeks and is finally getting friendly. I am still not sure if it is a boy or girl but she/he is almost exactly the same color as Goldie!!!! How co-incidental is that? It is also about the same color as Wild Cat's mother was.
Well it is weekend again so hope you all have a great one, we are expecting it to be nice but cold tomorrow and I thhink I am going to try to get some photos around the farms here, old barns, the elk, bridges etc. I need to get myself inspired again. (((((Hugs)))))))


photogchic said...

Nice to hear about the little furball, "Goldie." I know how hard it is to get motivated in this cold weather...I skipped my day at the barn today:-)

Donna said...

I love the golden colored animals. How nice you have two!

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