Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday 11 December 2008

Three pictures today, the first one is of Sam our Home Health Aide's pit bull cross puppy !!wearing her new jersey!!

Sylvester, the black and white barn cat that is such a good mouser has decided he wants to become a house cat. I have to say that for a cat that is about 7 years old and has never lived inside he is really good. He has found a place next to one of the vents for the heating system and is as happy as a clam. I am scared that he may mess in the house but he meows until I let him out if he needs to do his business!!! Trying to keep him out is impossible because he is so quick at slipping in behind you sometimes you dont even realise he has snuk in. The other day he was so indignant at not being let in that he went to the bedroom window which is next to my desk. It has blinds and in the winter the glare from the sun through the blinds gives me a headache so I usually hang a blanket over the window to stop this. He sat on the window sill and I got a great silhouette and meowed and scratched indignantly until I went around to let him in the door LOL.
Every winter the sitting room windows which are double glazed get wonderful ice formations and the sun rises on that side so if I get it right I get incredible pics of the sun reflecting in the ice and beautiful formations. It has to be really cold outside and we have only had one or two mornings like that (single digits F) but the ice patterns havent been too great. This is one so far I hope I can get better ones before winter is over.

Well that's about it hope you are all having a good week, looking forward to the weekend I want to go do a drive around on Saturday and see if I can get any photos as they say the weather is going to be reasonable that day, we will see. ((((Hugs)))))

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Julie Blair said...

Hi Lori! That ice looks like an old painted wall or something...really cool! And of course the puppy is just too cute!

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