Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday 2 January 2009

Today's pic is the ice formations on our bathroom window a few weeks ago when it was so cold here in the northeast. Click on the pic to see a bigger version. Nature is wonderful, there is never one the same as the other. I haven't had any elaborate ice patterns this year but winter still has a ways to go. We are hovering around the freezing mark, up and down but there is no ice anymore thank heavens and so far it has stayed dry which allows me to put the horses out so they can at least let off some steam.

A few of my blogging buddies have expressed interest in us banding together for support and a swift kick up the butt to get us moving forward when it seems that all that you want to do is cawl under the covers and stay there, as they are going through a similar situation, emotionally and mentally. I think that is a great idea, I am always here if anyone needs to chat, moral support or a shoulder to cry on, it definitely helps to talk to someone, I can thank MiKael for my moves in a positive direction, it has taken a while but I am finally getting there!!!! Don't think it comes easily because it doesnt, but when it starts to come together it is worth it.

I have made some great friends here on bloggosphere and even though we have never physically met we have so much in common and the ones that have stuck have been wonderful, there is nothing really to say why we are drawn to someone without meeting but I am glad that this has happened to me and hopefully one day we will all be able to meet.

It is late and of course I haven't edited any more photos LOL, reliability has not been one of my strong points of late but that is another thing I am working on. ((((((Hugs))))))) to all that need them.



Donna said...

Lori, that picture looks like chisel marks in bronze, nature really does wonderful work! Knowing there are people out there reading what I write makes me feel less alone, it really doesn't matter that I have never met them, or sometimes it doesn't even matter that I know who they are (the lurkers). I will take encouragement and support wherever I find it, and it helps me to give it to others.

CG said...

very bad day for me but love to see your pic xx

Rising Rainbow said...

It truly is amazing the connections that can be made blogging. I am grateful for them as well.

It sure does make the good times better and the bad ones not so bad.

I really hope this is a better year for you, Lori. You deserve it.

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