Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday 10 January 2009

Just a short post today, I have had "one of those days" Iknow a lot of you can empathise, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I was looking at old photos for a bit and this is one that I took of my little filly born in 2004 at about 6 months old. I hand reared her as her mother didnt come into milk. I call her Wiggle but her registered name is DBD Indian Dreamaker. Her mother was the mare we lost last year while she was foaling. As a result she is a bit of an attitude child and is not sure if I am a horse or she is a human or the other way around and can get a bit boistrous (sp!) around people and has absolutely no patience. She used to throw temper tantrums when I got mad at her when she was growing up if she did somethinglike chase me down the length of the barn to get a mouthful of each horses' feed out of the buckets before I gave it to them LOL. She was spoiled and I have only myself to blame LOL. She would literally throw herself on the ground and roll over and over jump up snort and shake her head and then throw herself down again LOL.

I could kick myself at the end of every day when I havent spent time with her and my other horses doing something constructive but it is just so hard to get motivated.

We had freezing rain and snow today so everything is like an icerink again today.

Talk to you all tomorrow and thanks for your visits, CG do you like Blue?



photogchic said...

Hang in there...seems like we are all dealing with crazy weather. Is Wiggle a official medicine hat paint?

CG said...

Blue is my favourite :)

I love to see and hear more about Wiggle. She sounds such a character. Hang in there and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!!

Fugazi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - hugs and kisses from Norway:))

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Sound like a sassy one for sure!! LOL!! But she is beautiful.

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